To Kindle or Not to Kindle?


Do you have a Kindle?  Do you like it? 

I like to read, but I also like the feel of a book in my hands when I do.  Does the Kindle take away that pleasure? 

If I get a library book and I don’t like it, I can take it back.  But, if you have to buy the book and don’t like it…you’re stuck with it. 

Pros and cons please.  Before I decide to put Kindle on my Christmas list, I need some opinions. 



6 responses

  1. My sense is that there is a place for both books and Kindle. Books at home where you want to snuggle and Kindle on the road — doctor’s waiting rooms, airport terminals, doctor’s waiting rooms, hotel rooms, doctor’s waiting rooms, by the pool . . . . .

  2. I’ve been debating a Nook or a Kindle for months now and I just keep going out and buying new books. I lean more toward the Nook over the Kindle because I like the idea of support in a Barnes and Noble store and the Nook supports e-books from the library. The pros for the e-readers for me are that it’s easy to hold so it takes a lot of pressure off of stiff fingers and you can have a book in seconds if you want and it’s easy to carry. The con is that it’s not a book and I can’t hold it like a book or feel it like a book or smell it like a book and I like books.

  3. I’m of the same thinking as you, Maureen. We “snuggle up” with a good book. Can you snuggle with a Kindle? A book sits on a shelf or lays next to us on our couch with the cover looking up at us. It’s like a Kindle is like reading from a mini-billboard. No relationship formed. However, you have zillions of titles to choose from and can throw it in your purse. Any Kindle lovers out there!?!

  4. I find it hard to browse a book when it’s on a Kindle. In novels with many characters, I often find myself going back to when the characters were first introduced to refresh my memory. I think that would be hard to do on a Kindle. Reading on a Kindle to me is like reading on the computer. It’s tough to read a book on the computer. Every year when doing my income taxes I have problems reading the forms and instructions on the computer. It’s hard to flip back and forth through the pages in the instructions. I do not have a Kindle, but I have used them. Maybe it’s just a learning process. I have dropped books, and they were not damaged. I have never dropped a Kindle.

  5. I own one and I love it. Holding a book hurts now, so I can rest it on a pillow in my lap and touch a button to turn the page. Font size is adjustable, so I can read without my glasses. You can preview books by downloading a sample (usually the first chapter.) Book sharing between Kindles is coming soon and there are tons of out-of-copyright classics like Pride and Prejudice that are FREE to download. Check it out here:

  6. I’d say just ask for books. For vet school we have “Lifebooks” for laptops so we can use a special pen and write on the screen to take notes and highlight things. While I know we are supposed to save paper this way, I can’t read off a screen well enough to study a long time. I end up printing off our note sets so I have them in hand. I learn better that way. I think it would be the same way for novels etc.

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