What a day

Slept really good last night…drugs are a wonderful thing sometimes.  Today was my SIS’S birthday so we decided to spend some time together.  First we went to get her new drivers license, and they didn’t think she was a senior citizen!  What a cool thing on your 65th Birthday!  Then we went to a department to look at toaster ovens, she doesn’t eat anything she has to cook, so I don’t know why she needs one.  She didn’t get one.  She was on her yearly hunt for Christmas socks she gives at Christmas to everyone.  She scored.  While we were walking through the store Christmas music was playing, but not in English.  Oh well, I hummed along with it.  I got home and directly went to the couch and slept 3 hours.  I think my Addison’s Disease is thinking about a visit.  I’ll kick his ass if he shows up.


2 responses

  1. Hellooooooo MO!

    Well well…I finally made it over here and love your blog!! You silly girl, I love how you describe yourself using too many commas, etc. Really made me LOL….

    I was looking for the Google friend connect followers ‘thingy’, guess you don’t have one, but I would sure ‘follow’ you sweetie!! 🙂

    I have put your link on my site, and look forward to visiting here often.

    Have a great day and hope you are AWAP!
    Gentle Hugs—-<3

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