Christmas Cards…And Santa Claus

Christmas Cards are a pain in the ass.  Only a handful have come to my house this year….the pile gets smaller and smaller each year.  And that’s fine with me.  Cards with family photos are cool…but please…only if I know you! My Brother sent a particularly funny one this year, but I have opened two already and looked at the picture and thought “Who the hell are these kids?”.  One from my insurance man (?) and the other from a family I don’t know,  some sales associate or something at The Joe-Man’s job. 

And how about those “family newsletter” cards?  PLEASE…I don’t care how many puppies your Labrador had or anything else that boring. 

I don’t send cards.  Could you guess?

Attached is one of my first posts….holiday appropriate.  And a Bing Crosby song of course.


9 responses

  1. I do not send cards! I like the pictures I receive in Christmas if I know the people but I do not like newsletters. I usually only receive one from an extended family member and I had much rather they just jot down a nice handwritten note on a card if they wish to send something. The form letter is a big turn off for me!

    Maureen you are a girl after my own heart!

  2. Okay, so I’m one of those holiday cards kind of person w/ newsletter. But, not everyone gets a newsletter. I have a large family and I find that by sending a newsletter prior to a family get together with member of the family that don’t keep up with me all year prevents being cornered and interrogated. They know what has been going on and will mention something here or there during the day instead of sitting right next to me and chatting. My mother, father and Grandparents get one too just because they are usually written in a very funny manner and they like my writing. 🙂

    • Well Brittney, you’re pretty smart…prevents you from being cornered and interroated….that’s funny! Otherwise you have to hide out in the other room with the little kids huh? Thanks for the comment!

  3. Oh my gosh you are living in my head!
    I have a PILE of cards purchased from years back that I can’t throw away and have never addressed and sent.
    I think I will download and print your post and put it in ALL the Christmas cards and send to everyone I know or who thinks they know me.
    P.S. Maureen, Please send me your address.

    • I always find those stashed Christmas cards in the middle of the summer, and of course I think I will remember where they are come December. BUT….if I find them I might feel guilty and make myself send just a few!

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