My Favorite Activity

Today me and the Sis went grocery shopping, my least favorite of the Suzie Homemaker routines.  I just had to ask one nice tall man to reach something too high up for me. 

We are having our big dinner the 24th, because my oldest has to be at work at 8:oo in the evening on Christmas Day. He doesn’t want to eat a big meal and then go to work.  I guess it’s not too pleasant to drive the big fire truck with a full stomach.  We are having ham and all the trimmings.  Christmas Day I am making Lasagna.  The Joe-Man calles it Irish Lasagne…I’m not sure why…but he likes it. 

We never really decorated our Christmas tree, just not in the Holiday mood.  It’s just two months since my Mom passed away.  My youngest son came home from college and surprised me by putting the lights on the live tree in the family room, and just hung candy canes all over it.  It really looks beautiful.

Wrapped the little bit of presents I bought and they are under the tree.  I didn’t buy much but I still spent a lot.  I got tickets for the four of us for a concert that cost me more than double the face value, but the seats are in the orchestra pit.  If we any closer we’d be sitting on their laps.  Can’t wait for that.

As for today…happy cookie baking to everybody!  I’m going to the bakery.   I hate to bake. 

Nice thing about your kids being 23 and 25.  They don’t wake you up at dawn’s crack to open gifts.  They come down when they smell coffee.

Hope everyone has a few peaceful days…not too much eggnog OK?

Happy Holidays to All



5 responses

  1. Like Linny, I’m wondering what makes your lasgna irish. Understand why there isn’t much festivity in your festive season this year. What concert are the tickets for? Hope it was great and being close up made it extra-special.
    Wishing you a good new year. Let’s make 2011 a year of laughter, not tears.

  2. It’s the “butt-crack of dawn” fyi. If ur not feeling like Xmas is all cheery, well it really never is.. At least your son put nice candy canes on your tree. As for me, its me, Marty, Donnie and Dave. Having steak, cuz the guys can do that. Bought a 3 foot real tree cuz, why make a mess with a huge one? As far as stress. Saw a chiropractor today for my tmj, my neck which I can hardly turn… it REALLY HELPED! Stress is so bad with work and I don’t like ignoring my dad on the holidays… but, what else can I say? Unfortunately he doesn’t have a clue and I just plain.. won’t talk to her! Love your homemaking traditions… ‘member that thing we read somewhere, the girl had fragrance of jelly, put store bought jelly in canned jars… OH look! Just made all this delicious jam, mmm smells so good. Gonna make a dozen or so chocolate chip oatmeal cookies late morning so the house will smell bakingly wonderful…. ! And any room I don’t clean.. Close the door. As far as your mom, I understand the emptiness….. Jon, need I say more? Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Laura ; )

  3. Just want to know something, Maureen. Is your Lasagna made with “green” sauce rather than red to categorize it as Irish? If so, please send recipe immediately!!!

  4. I recall the dawn’s crack days….They were nice at the time but I’m glad time has rolled on. Sounds like you’re a great cook! I don’t prepare a lot of big meals any more; sometimes I miss it–but not often! I love to read your posts–thx MO!

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