Christmas Crash

I have been reading all my “Lady Friend’s” blogs, and it seems we are all suffering from post-Christmas fatigue.  We remember what we used to be like as “Super Women” don’t we?  Shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, entertaining…blah blah blah, and we can’t do it anymore.  I didn’t even have the energy to decorate this year.  My son brought home a beautiful tree and we ended up just putting colored lights and candy canes on it. It looked beautiful.  No other decorations were dragged out, so nothing to pack away.  My fatigue level is at a negative today.  I’ve just been sleeping all day.  This is definitely a couch day. 

Oh how I hate to complain about my health!  Sorry!

We have had cold weather and some snow here in Chicago, and now the weatherman are predicting 40 degree temperatures and rain for this weekend.  All that snow will melt and cause major problems.

These football players are giving me a headache!  It’s football season…it’s winter…get over it.  You play football when it’s cold outside!  Bunch of girls if you ask me!  Like I’ve said before…do you hear the MLB complaining because it’s too hot to play baseball?  My commentary for the week.

I am going to go to sleep early tonight, maybe I can fool Mr. Insomnia and he will let me sleep.

To a better tomorrow for all us overachiever sickies!


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  1. Mo, I agree. The weather turned cold and Christmas came and it was like a domino affect…and they all went down! 🙂

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. I’m going to try to beat Mr. Insomnia tonight as well. I’m headed toward three weeks without proper sleep and my body is paying.

    BTW, Happy New Year my friend.

    • No sleep is not good Dominique. I know how that can be especially when you have something heavy on your mind like you have now. Sleep when you can, even it is during the day…as long as you have cable so you can watch TV in the middle of the night.

      Happy New Year to you too, My Friend

  2. Maureen, I am never into holidays anymore! I like the idea of celebrating in jammies and with the feet up. We do not need pressure to get things done and in a certain way…take care and hope you were able to sleep well last night.

  3. The holidays come and the holidays go regardless if every ornament is aligned on the tree and the powdered sugar sits just right on the cookies. What matters the most is being CONTENT — whether it is met in jammies on the couch and our feet up with worn-out slippers or a worn-out body slipping under a blanket on the couch. Competition at breakneck speed is not what it is cracked up to be! So my advice: Enjoy the moments we have and have the moments any way you see fit!! Happy New Year!! Bless you, Maureen!

  4. I’m glad to hear somebody say it Mo! I didn’t want to break any good spirit, but I didn’t even go as far as the tree. And you know, even though it was Christmas, life still kicked my u-no-what. I thought I’d get a break, ha!

    My favorite part of the holiday was the bit of rest I managed to get, not too much –and a fire. I love the fire.

    Here’s to all of us getting some rest.

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