I Want an Old-Fashioned New Years Eve

New Years Eve! Party! Woo-Hoo!  Back when I was in my twenties, all my friends, mostly single, would gather at someone’s place, mostly my apartment, and get stupid.  Mostly with beer and cheap Vodka. 

Tomorrow my twenty-three year old son is going to a downtown hotel with his buddies. They are renting a room and going  to a big fantastic New Years Eve Extravaganza in the hotel’s ballroom.  SAY WHAT??? 

Well, I know that these young twenty-something kids think differently than my friends and I did at their age.  A good New Years Eve party, consisted of several different kinds of beer, whatever was on sale usually. Vodka and “anything”, maybe lemonade or tonic or Pepsi or even red Kool-Aid.  A few bags of chips and ordering a pizza was fancy enough for us.   We entertained ourselves without spending a lot of money.  The stereo was always too loud, someone always had a guitar, and occasionally the lady upstairs would pound on the walls to signal that we were too rowdy.

Car keys were usually taken at the door at the beginning of the evening.  No one ever got arrested, no fights broke out (we saved that for St. Patrick’s Day) and the worst thing that happened was a hangover.

I told my kid that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun.  He reminded me that because they have a hotel room, no one will be driving.  Good point.  He told me that during the day they will have access to the pool and the weight room.  Okay, that might be cool if you’re a Guy.  All the Guys I know that are going have girlfriends, but I didn’t ask…..

My kids are grown-ups, and I don’t like it.  I want them to be at home with me when the New Year arrives like when they were little.  They would bang the pots and pans, and we let them beep the horn and yell “Happy New Year” out the door. 

Things have changed I guess. 

I wonder if they can get Vodka and red Kool-Aid at their big fancy party?


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  1. Oh I remember those days!! Back when I was a military wife and we lived on base housing and the party would just move from house to house. And somebody would always have to run off to the package store to buy more beer. Ok, so maybe my good old days don’t have kool-aid…but same principle applies, right?

    But hey your son is NOT driving (with all the idiots on the road that is all to the good!) and with so many people in the room hopefully ummm…everyone will have good clean fun 😉

    Maybe next year he’ll opt to hang out at home? Yeah…well maybe within the next decade. Holy cow, maybe you might end up babysitting for New Years. How much fun would that be?!!

    • Oh boy…if I drank that now I would need an ambulance! Did you hear the m-80’s blowing off last night? Tootsie was a wreck…how did Diego handle it!!??

      I bet we can guess who was responsible for the all that noise!


  2. I wish my Aunt had a computer to watch that clip. She loves Elvis so much she has a room just for him. Then later, her son went to Carolina, so Elvis’ room is Carolina Blue now. It’s kind of weird.

    I can’t believe it will be 2011. I really can’t. I feel like I’m living in times like I watched on Star Trek during the ’70’s. Things have sure changed alright.

    Oh yeah, those hotel parties are the best! Very safe.

    I wish you peace and happiness in the New Year!

  3. It sucks..

    Corie and her boyfriend and his dad are flying to Costa Rico today for 2 weeks to their home in the mountains… They are bringing champaigne in someones luggage for when they get there.The air faire was considerably cheaper today than other days.. These kids and their fast lives.

    When I was your Danny’s age, I do remember going to a downtown hotel party. It was very crowded and when the ball dropped I was out in a big hall, waiting for an elevator.. Big whoop. I remember it not because it was so fun, but because it was so disappointing.

      • I know, I’m envyous.. His family has a ranch in the mountains and they go for weeks at a time.. They have quite a life. She loves to travel, and I’m happy for her..

        our parties were my favorite parties.

  4. Some how, I don’t think that hotel will supply red Kool Aid; maybe you should give your son a couple of packages, just in case! I remember home-made new year’s eve parties in much the same way: simple; trying not to get totatly wasted BEFORE midnight and miss the countdown; putting sometime in the microwave (later parties) so it could be used as a countdown timer without blowing up the apartment/house. I don’t remember hotels, ballrooms, or pools. Times they are a changin’ . . .
    (Great post; and auld lang syne to you and your family!

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