Another Blog Post A Day Contest

What am I getting myself into…again?  A post everyday?  Sometimes your brain just can’t think of anything and then youjuststartwritingnonsense.  But I will try.  One of the ideas suggestion was to blog about something that makes you happy.  Lots of things make me happy, but I didn’t want to talk about the boys because they will accuse me of favoritism. 

So, I will tell you about my pets…people with fur…as Oprah calls her pets.

  • Bootsie:  Tuxedo cat, great hunter of dang twist ties and rings off the milk bottles.  She will fetch for as long as SHE wants.  Entertaining for her Humans.  After we all go to bed she begins her howling, running through the house.  I think it is hysterical.  She sounds like she is in heat.


  • Tootsie:  Keeshond.  Not the most athletic breed.  They call the breed “Low energy”.  Yep, if the fireplace is going she is there.  She plays for about five minutes and she is done.  Her main job she thinks is to bark at anything and just look good.

Now I have to think of something for tomorrow.  And I am still searching for a background/theme that I like.  Be prepared for daily changes.


4 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the furry members of your family. I’m looking forward to your new background, and your “post a day:” I keep almost signing up, then hesitating. I admit your committment and strength of purpose! Good luck with the daily posting; I’ll be reading!

  2. Maureen, Can I repost this on my blog? I’ll put a link back to you. Max would like it.
    I think your Bootsie and Tootsie are darling!

    Maybe you could blog about how they got their names? I’d like to know that!

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