Say What?

Did you hear about this homeless guy with the “Golden Voice” ?

Random homeless Man, destroyed his life and the life of his family because of alcohol and drug addiction.  He gets discovered because he has the voice of a disk jockey.  He is now famous….over 3,000,000 hits on YouTube, and Kraft Inc. has hired him to do the voice over for their Macaroni and Cheese commercials.  Right place? Right time?  I don’t really know what to think about all this, but I’m sure there will be a movie about his life.  Will this Guy make it?  Or will people take advantage of him? 

Interesting news clip:


8 responses

  1. Maybe it’s a lesson for us all. That no matter how far down you fall, if you believe, there is always someone sent to extend their hand. What we do after that is up to us. Hopefully, God will protect him from wrong choices and self-gaining people. Wishing him and all others the best…..

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  3. He’s already been “cleaned up” physically and making the talk show (morning and night) circuit. He’s been hired by several companies/organizations to do voice overs including the Caviliers of basketball, etc. Second (or 3rd chances) are great, and everyone deserves at least that.
    I wonder, though, if he is just getting his 15 seconds (media stuff cycles through more quicker than in Andy Warhol days) of fame; will folks carry through with their offers, and how will he handle the stresses of his new celebrity?
    I forsee a new reality show: American Idol hits the alleys and shelters looking for talent. (spoken with a note of sarcasism as I think he is being exploited already.) I wish him all the best of luck, especially since the media has latched onto him as their golden “boy” of early 2011! Last night on ALL 5 the local stations it was the top story! I wonder how much we will hear of him in 6 months, 12 months?

  4. I don’t think there’s any limit on the number of chances we should get and it’s nice that he’s getting another one and it’s also nice to see something good happen in the world. I read he has nine children and I’m sad that they all had to grow up without him around but then there’s a reason for everything so maybe that was necessary for them.

  5. I believe in second chances…even third. I just pray he doesn’t fall back into the peer pressure that I am sure he will receive with this opportunity. ((gentle hugs)) Irish

  6. I believe in second chances so I am glad he is getting help. The fact he did the schooling says a lot I think. I hope he grabs onto this chance and becomes everything he was destined to be! -)

  7. Can’t see Which video you posted reenie(dont know why) but I thought “what a joke” when I first heard about this. But I watched a news broadcast with him and found out he’s got 2 years sober and seems very thankful for everything that’s happening. I hope be stays sober and makes the best of the gift of another chance that he’s been given.

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