Speaking of Ted Williams…

…No not the Golden Voice Guy…the other Guy.  The baseball player Ted Williams.  That Ted Williams was golden too:

  • He spent 21 years with the Boston Red Sox, twice interrupted, once for WWII and once for the Korean War. 
  • He was named MVP twice
  • He was the last player to hit .400 in a single season
  • In 1941 he hit .406, with 37 home runs,102 RBI, and 135 runs
  • In 1941 he reached base in 83 consecutive games
  • He ended his career with a home run in his last at bat in September 1960 

You are probably wondering why the heck I am talking about Ted Williams the baseball great.  Well, my friend over at  Michael’s Fishbowl, mentioned him because of all the hype over the “Golden Voice Guy”  (Who I really wish the best of luck)  My Hubby, The Joe-Man, who has an almost photographic memory about these types of things, started throwing out fact after fact about Williams, so I thought I would check him out.  Sounds like he was a great ball player, and a good guy. 

I can’t wait until baseball season.


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  1. I’ve been watching football, some basketball, and hockey as a substitute, but these games are just filler to baseball season. Of course, being a Canadian first, saying hockey is a subsitute for baseball in some areas, a fight would probably break out! Despite the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series twice, hockey truly is the life blood of Canadians — why I can’t donate blood in the USA (lol)

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