Little Christmas

When we were kids we left our Christmas Tree up until “Little Christmas”, also called Epiphany, which is  traditionally celebrated on January 6th.  This is the day, as the story is told, that the Three Kings finally found the Baby Jesus in the stable, by following the bright star in the sky to Bethlehem.

I had no decorations to take down this year, we didn’t decorate much because of my Mom’s death in October.  But I had it on my mind all day today.  A tradition we followed as kids, but is no longer acknowledged.

By January 6th our little Charlie Brown trees, which were originally put up on Christmas Eve, were dry and brittle.  All the needles were on the floor and you have to wonder how we didn’t have a fire.  The lights used on the trees were old with bare wires and missing bulbs.  And every year without fail one ornament was broken while packing things up.

Taking the tree down was never as fun as putting it up.  And let’s not forget about that damned tinsel! 

It’s a nice holiday, a nice tradition, and a good way to end the Holiday season.  Maybe I’ll do it next year.



3 responses

  1. Yes, don’t forget the tinsel! And, I’ve been meaning to ask: how do you get the videos to be right there on your blog? I know how to make links to youtube, but not how to embed the videos in the blog. What’s your secret?

  2. I read your post on my Blackberry before I got out of bed and took my shower so I couldn’t respond jus then.

    What a great tradition. I actualy learned something I didn’t know. I actually think I would love to add this tradition to my Christmas this year. I just love it.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    Again, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom, Mo.

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