Movie Night

Last night we were all home…and at the same time…well except for my son away at college.  Good chance to sit and talk and reflect on the new year and what our goals are…right?  NOPE!  The guys wanted to see a movie.   So my two knuckleheads guys go to RedBox and picked out “Toy Story 3”.  I’m thinking I don’t want to watch a cartoon…I want a chick flick or Iron Man or anything but a kid movie.  Please I watched too many of them when the boys were little.

The Joe-Man says that he heard a review of the movie and the guy said it was THE BEST MOVIE HE EVER SAW.  Who is this movie critic?  Barney?  

Well, I must eat my words.  This movie is funny, touching, ridiculous and you WILL cry if you watch it.  It teaches about friendship, loyalty, bullying, standing up for yourself and giving.  And it is hysterical.

You gotta see it…really…. 


2 responses

  1. Sometimes, you just gotta “escape” for a couple of hours!! Who knew that Toy Story 3 would be the way to go!?! Going to put it on my list now for unconventional therapy session. Thanks for sharing, Maureen!!
    Needed that!

  2. I’ll have to add Toy Story 3 to my must see list (I’ve seen the first 2 several times). Thanks for sharing the clips. I can see I’m going to laugh and cry (again) over this one!

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