Again about my Cat

Nothing to talk about today, but I’m really trying to do this post-a-day thing.

So, as I was cleaning the kitchen tonight after dinner (Chili, that I can’t eat, but it sure smelled good) and the dog (Tootsie) is under my feet hoping I will drop something….anything that she can chomp up.  She was getting on my last nerve so I just said “Sit please”.  She did because she is a very good dog and very obedient  The cat had been laying in front of the fireplace cooking herself, but when she heard me tell the dog to sit, she came running up the stairs and sat in front of the cabinet with all the treats.   I didn’t think that cats could understand anything besides “Here Kitty Kitty” but obviously Bootsie the cat can. Smart cat I guess.

I will write a real post tomorrow okay?


3 responses

  1. I’m trying the “post-a-day-thingie” too, and I think your post about your cat counts more than my posts about blog carnivals going live! And, yours included an illustration!

  2. Cats understand as much as they want to. Zack figured out that if we say “oops” while we’re cooking in the kitchen then there is something interesting to eat in his reach. Of course, he’s learned this so well that if we say “oops” ANYWHERE in the house, he’ll run into the kitchen, even if we’re not there! So, clever but not smart. ;} And even a paragraph counts as post! Go, you!

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