The Evening News

Another horrifying day on the evening news:

Congresswoman Giffords is reported to be doing well, recognizing people and able to understand what is being said to her.  That is wonderful if not miraculous news.  But then the very next story talks of the heartbreaking memorial service and burial of nine year old Christine Taylor Greene.  It’s hard to go from miraculous to heartbreaking in the same breath.

And, in local news a fourteen year old girl was gang raped by four men who recorded the assault on their cell phones.  But, of course they didn’t do it, they were framed.

I’m going to watch “The Simpson’s” from now on instead of the news.


5 responses

  1. I have cut back on my news tracking a good bit since the holidays- I was much more relaxed and less stressed when I wasn’t getting agitated and heartache. Sadly, I don’t feel like I can stay totally out of touch either, since that is potentially irresponsible, but NPR for a half hour in the morning and evening weekdays is usually a sane filter for me- facts with just enough fluff that I’m not overwhelmed. Does nto stop me from being sad or frustrated though.

  2. We often have the news on mute, waiting for the weather and sometimes the sports report! Especially since the 6 news broadcasts we have to choose from often run the same story at the same time (as well as commericals!). We’ve given up on the national news.
    Enjoy the Simpsons! Hubby now prefers the Family Guy.

  3. Once I got the internet my tv watching in general, never mind the bad news hour, dwindled to almost nothing. I’ll do a quick online read of the headlines of the local newspapers and read what I want.

    Weird thing is, I had trouble sleeping tonight so I just did a post with a few good news stories because I’m also fed up with bad news. Obviously a sign of great minds thinking alike.

    Hope you see better things during your day.


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