Are You Ready for Some Football???

Football is not my thing, I’m  a baseball fan, Chicago Cubs to be specific.  But Chicago is buzzing about Da Bears. 

The Chicago Bears beat The Seattle Seahawks this afternoon.  Next Sunday the Bears will be beating the pants off of the Green Bay Packers.  At least we hope so. 

My Brother Terry grew up in Chicago, his wife Diane grew up in Wisconsin.  I imagine their house will be rocking during the game next week.  My best friend lives in Wisconsin, but grew up in Chicago.  Whose side does she take? 

There is not a better matchup for a football game here in the Illinois/Wisconsin area.   The Bears and Packers have been feuding longer than the Hatfields and McCoys.  If you live in Chicago you are brought up hating the Packers…no questions.  The Packers suck.
I think I will get several “Chick Flicks” for next Sunday, I will not be watching the game.  I am only interested in who wins. 
By the way, it was a beautiful day for a football game!


3 responses

  1. pss: I didn’t forget the jets have to win next weekend BEFORE they play in the superbowl. It’ll be their 2nd appearance, I think. Joe Namath got the team one of those lovely rings many years ago.

  2. I’m a NY Jets fan when it comes to football in the US, so yesterday was a very good day. We beat the heck outta dem patriots! Up next, oops, I forget already! Oh well, as long as we win!
    I’ll just say bring on the superbowl (as a “poor” second cousin to the world series, of course, lol): but hey, the commericals are entertaining (even if the half-time show isn’t!)

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