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A young woman recently discovered that she had been abducted as an infant from a New York hospital in 1987. 

The story started when a young Mother of 16 took her newborn daughter to the emergency room because the infant had a high fever.  While there the young Mother was approached by a woman who she assumed was a nurse.  The “nurse” told the Mother to go home and come back the next day.  The Mother handed the baby over.  When she went back to the hospital the following day to inquire about her baby, the baby was gone.  The baby had been stolen presumably by the helpful “nurse”.

Fast forward 23 years.  A young woman Nejdra Nance, who had grown up in Connecticut had suspicions that something just wasn’t right.  She needed her birth certificate to obtain a driver’s license, but it could not be located.  She did some further investigation on her own, and finally discovered that she had been abducted as a newborn.  She had located information on the website  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  After she contacted authorities it was  proven by DNA that she indeed was the missing child  abducted in 1987.

There has been nothing released regarding the “parents” that indicates if they will be charged with any crime.  I am sure in the next few weeks more information will become available.

This story just blows my mind. I will be very interested in what the court system does with this situation.      


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  1. One news report seem to indicate that the police were still looking for the woman who actually stole the baby! So, the family that raised her may have not been involved in the kidnapping! Even stranger! Wonder how, then, they came to have her as their “child.” Still lots of news on this one.
    The woman’s new found grandmother said that it was like a family reunion. She fit right in as if “she’d been with us this whole time.” That’s great news too!
    I’ve been, and will continue to follow this story for sure!

    • UPDATE: Police have a warrant to arrest the woman who raised Nejdra for kidnapping her from the hospital! So, the initial report(s) around here that suggested the kidnapping and her “family” were not one in the same jumped the gun.
      It’s headline news around here, if folks like, I can keep adding comments if I hear anything of note.

      • This sure is an interesting news story isn’t it? All the news is talking about today is the Bears vs Green Bay Packers game tomorrow. If you hear anything, yes let me know.

      • Nedjra’s “mother” has surrended to Bridgeport, Connecticut police and the FBI and will be charged with kidnapping. I guess it was her “mother” all along.
        The first court appearance is tomorrow. She is also wanted in Georgia for some police-related reason. Her name escapes me now; I should have written it down.

        Guess what led to Nedrja “search” besides the “gut” feeling was when she went to get a passport, her “mother” couldn’t “find it.” And, perhaps she asked Conneticut records for a copy, which of course, didn’t exist. That just topped off her suspicions. Saw her age enhanced picture at the website you mentioned, and the reunion came about.
        There should be more in the papers here tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. The whole thing blew me away too!! How bizarre that I was watching an update about it on the news as I read your post! You have been on a blog-fest. I can’t read them as fast as you’re posting. Maybe I can get caught up since I’m snowed in! Keep it up chicky!

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