Snow, February, NaBloPoMo

Today, here in Chicago, everyone is talking about the snow storm.  The networks are interrupting shows every ten minutes it seems, to give updates on the weather.  WE KNOW ALREADY!  It’s snowing, it will snow all night, it will snow all day tomorrow and then some.  If I need or want details I will put on the weather channel.  Yeeesh!

The people in charge are warning everyone to stay indoors and most importantly not to drive.  But, the evening news had every reporter they could find, standing outside in this blizzard.  These news people are driving all over after they warn the general public not to drive.  Do we really need to see these people outside in this freezing weather, getting pelted with wet snow?  C’mon ABC, CBS and the rest of you…get inside and stay inside.  This too shall pass.

The start of another month and another challenge from NaBloPoMo to post everyday………………………………….oh no.  I don’t know if I can do it.  All I can think about now is snow.


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  1. You know, Mo. You make a great point. I have often wondered why they have reporters out in the bad weather. It doesn’t make them any more believable. Just in danger. Silly.

    I wonder if they get hazard pay? 🙂

    I’m glad you posted. I was wondering how you were fairing. I’m guessing it is brutally cold! It’s 7 degrees here in Tulsa! Yikes.

  2. For us, it’s ice! Same thing: all the channels went on the air with their morning news shows at 4:00 a. We were watching by 4:30 a (little sleep due to ice storm memories and overhanging branches!)and sure enough, every station had at least 4 people around the tri-state area showing how bad the roads were.
    One channel even showed the near accident their news team were involved in. This was the same channel who had a reporter out for almost a year after being hit by a car while reporting from the side of the road!
    I’ve seen pictures of Chicago on OUR local news so I know the storm must be BIG! As many as 100 million folks may be impacted by what they’re calling here “a white monster.”
    After the tri-state, it shifts up through New England to Atlantic Canada. It really is a monster storm.
    We have freezing rain warning in place til 6 p this afternoon. About 1/4 inch of ice on everything, but the temperature is slowing rising.
    Ooops, I’ve written enough for a blog post of my own! Stay warm, cozy, and safe! Hope the storm doesn’t knock out your power!

    • Ha! It’s so true. I have been insulated from all that TV weather talk seeing as we don’t have TV per se. We stream netflix and hulu through the internet, but no more switching on the 6:00 news. What I do not miss is the incessant panic broadcasts, though, that is for sure. It’s snowing. I know. I can see it out my window. I am happy for once that I am house bound. Storms are beautiful minus the tragedy–the damage, the accidents, and the hullabaloo. Three birds simultaneously smacked into our dining room window with a solid thud. Thankfully, they must have grazed it because no fallen birds could be viewed in the sea of snow below. Phew!

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