Whadda Mean It’s Gonna Snow?

 Citizens of Chicago!  When the Weatherman tells you that we are being hit by an epic snowstorm…believe them.  When the Weatherman tells you to stay home because driving is too hazardous…listen to them.  Chicagoans…you are making us look like Idiots to the rest of the world.  Smarten up OK?

Chicago Snow Storm 1888

Chicago 1939

Chicago Snow Storm 1949

Chicago Snow Storm 1967

Chicago Snow Storm 1978

Another Chicago Storm 1997

And Another 1999

Another one 1999

AND 2011!


8 responses

  1. The different perspectives are interesting to me. I think these people were working people trying to get home before the storm got too bad, on a road that didn’t have enough salt, that should have been closed. It runs along a lake. This didn’t happen on any other road. It’s not like it happened everywhere. One road, not every road!! And now the perspective is Chicagoans are idiots, knuckleheads, and compared to dumbasses.

  2. Even here in MN where we get snowstorms regularly in the winter, dumbasses will go out and drive. On closed interstates, into drifts, around barricades. I don’t get it.

  3. I am stuck in South Texas in a bitter ice storm while writing this. All schools, etc. are closed. They don’t know what hardship is. I have never been more proud of my hometown of Chicago!! The whole world needs to check out how Chicago moves the mountains of snow outta the way in this great city!! Within hours, Lake Shore Drive people were being rescued (killer snow off Lake Michigan). The next day Michigan Avenue was free-flowing and the sidewalks completely cleared. We are certainly not perfect as a city, but why oh why are we rated behind New York and LA?????? They just don’t know…..

  4. Yea, I didn’t stay at work for 16 hours because I love it there. LOL! And even still I got stuck twice. I pulled into a parking lot 2 miles from, had a little nervous breakdown and called a tow truck. Ugh! I used to like snow.

    • When those people left home to go to work, they knew it was going to snow, and the were probably going sraight home. Those poor people.. LSD should have been closed hours before 8pm (when the city finally decided to close it). 70 mile an hour winds coming right off the lake just to the east of a busy street…

      Some of us have to leave home, some of us have to go to work. We can’t take the day off of work just because it’s GOING TO snow. It has to be a blizzarding before people can be told not to come in, and even then, many of us have to find a way to work if at all possible…… Unless you lie, and call in sick.

  5. You know, down here in North Carolina, everything closes if it snows. An inch or five, doesn’t matter. We know how to live when it snows 🙂 We buy bread and milk if anyone even whispers snow or ice. Then most of us stay home.

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