What Was the First Album You Bought?

 The first Album I bought was  “James Taylor” by James Taylor.  Ironically, it was also James Taylor’s first album.  I remember clearly that  my younger brother and I were at the local department store ….Zayre.
 We were probably with my Mom or older Sister,  because we were both too young to drive at that time.  As usual, we would spend a lot of time checking out all the new stuff in the record department.  

This newcomer J.T. guy we had been listening to on the radio (AM radio) was pretty cool and since we were cool too,  we pooled our money and bought it.  We fancied ourselves as yet to be discovered rock stars, so when we got home we :

  1. Listened to the record a gazillion times
  2. Wrote all the lyrics down on paper with one writing and the other one picking up the needle every couple of seconds so the writer could catch up
  3. Got our guitars and tried to figure out all the chords
  4. Within a week, we were playing most or all of the songs with our guitars and our best future rock and roll style voices

Our parents never told us to quiet down, so they were either glad we weren’t fighting or enjoyed listening to us. 

In future years, we repeated this over and over with dozens and dozens of records and albums.  My Brother loves on the East Coast and I am in Chicago, but occasionally when we get together we pretend we are aging rock and rollers and sing at least one song off this album.  I think we sound pretty good still…especially after a few brews.

 I have decided to start using  Plinky Prompt from time to time because my brain is on drugs and too foggy to think of topics on my own.  Simply, Plinky sends out an idea or prompt as a suggestion for empty-headed bloggers like me.  So, I am going to take advantage of their creativity. 


7 responses

  1. My first album was “A Hard Day’s Night” Course my dad bought it, so I think yours count as the first one YOU bought. Love the picture of Zayres!!!!!!! Brings back some memories…. do you still have that scarf we got there?? I lost the mittens. Oh well….. My first 8 tracks were Bookends, by Simon and Garfunkel, and Sgt. Peppers. Tina and I acted out the whole middle part to Day in the Life…. woke up, got outa my bed dragged a comb across my head… found my way down our stairs…. etc. OMG the days when we didn’t DRIVE. That’s when Tina and I recorded the whole soundtrack (in our voices) to Bonnie and Clyde, cuz we saw it so many times, and knew all the words to the movie. We would take the bus to Evergreen Park douwn 95th st. Then we would call you and your were always doing the dishes. Why did it take so long to do the dishes? Cuz we were talking? Probably! I still have all my albums, and of course…. all my 45’s!!!! Great parties!! Seems like 2 weeks ago!

    • You got that Beaatles from Walgreens right? I was always so jealous cuz Tina lived down the street from you. I don’t know why I was always doing dishes…I was the dishwasher in the house.

  2. Hi Mo,

    Wow, you changed your color scheme.

    I can’t believe this was your first album. It was supposed to be my first one but my friend thought I said James Brown. Well, I’m from a rural southern town. My brother wouldn’t let me listen to the album. My friend finally took it back and I got the James Taylor one, but the damage was already done. I had heard the music I wanted to hear.

    I love James Taylor. My friend Sonny who passed away last year had a son who was best friends with James Taylor. Sonny always said, “He was a nice boy. Just like the rest of them.”

    We have a bridge here named after him.

    I grew to love both musicians.

    • How cool to have such a connection to JT. He always seems so sincere and kinda shy when I’ve seen him in concert, which is probably 20 times in the last 30 years or so. We’ve taken out boys to see him too, it’s nice when your grown kids like the same music you do.

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