Today was a good good day

Today I woke up and wasn’t nauseous or dizzy or running to the bathroom! Yay for me!  I cleaned the kitchen finally, and then the Peapod man came with my groceries!!  I will never go on a big shopping trip again…it’s Peapod all the way for now on.  I ordered apples, oranges and bananas and they sent beautiful big ones, better than at the grocery store.  Some of the things I ordered they had to substitute like cream cheese and mouthwash…I got the more expensive brands instead.  The Guy brought the stuff into my kitchen and after I put everything  away I wasn’t exhausted!  Score!  All I need to go out and get is Diet Pepsi, Ice Cream and Dog and Cat Food.  Those things were too expensive on the Peapod site.  All in all, I am a happy Suzy Homemaker today.  But I didn’t cook anything tonight….maybe tomorrow.



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  1. Glad you had a good day, and I hope you’ve had more of those over the past week since you wrote this. My mom, who lives in the Chicago area, swears by Peapod, and it’s been a lifesaver for her. (She’s got myasthenia gravis,among other health issues.) I wish we had it here!

  2. Hi Mo,

    I have never heard of Peapod. It sounds wonderful. There was a site I used to use once in awhile after a surgery, or other issue with my back…but that certain company no longer is around, and our local markets don’t have a good delivery system; meaning that they don’t go everywhere!! I haven’t looked into that lately, as I am trying to do everything on my own. Hmmm not sure what my spine thinks of this…LOL

    Awesome day here in sunny and beautiful Southern California!!

    I wish you a day of low, tolerable pain, and hope you are AWAP!!

    Always Gentle Hugs for you doll….
    Shauna ❤

    • Too bad you don’t have this service available, I will use it as often as I need it. I have enough food in the house, including meat for probably a month. Someone will just have to go out for Milk and produce once a a week or so, It’s only me and the Joe-Man most days. My eldest son lives with us but he works so much, he’s a firefighter and works as a mechanic on his off days. Of course things will change in May when my bottomless pit son graduates from college and moves home!

      Thanks so much for the comment! Gonna take a nap now!


  3. Peapod won’t come to my house…I live in the “boonies” :-). Glad it is working out for you, anything to make it easier ~ and today is a beautiful day~ gentle (((hugs))) Irish

  4. Online grocery shopping is great! We have two grocery stores here who do this and this is such a stress reliever to be able to shop this way. I’ve also ordered from a drugstore site a few times now and have always been satisfied. I’m so happy I have these options now.

    Glad you’re feeling better.


    • I went to the store to pick up the few things that I couldn’t get online. I was in and out fairly quicky, I walk very slow, one of the baggers put everything in my car, and when I got home my son and Hubby carried everything inside and put it away! What more could a girl ask for?!?

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ll be over to check your blog out.

      Thanks again Maureen
      from Maureen

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