Chronic Girl – A Repost

Not feeling well, brain is on drugs, so I am reposting a post that I did in September 2010.

I can’t accept this life I lead but I guess I have no choice

The doctors say they have no clue

I feel I have no voice

My eyes  they won’t stay open
my body is so weak
my mind is really willing
but I just can’t move my feet
My nights are dark and endless
with little or no rest
then the sun comes up too early
I want to stay in my nest
This illness is not funny
but it knows who is the boss
I struggle all day to function
but it’s a fight I have lost
I have pills of many colors
that I swallow everyday
they make me wired and nauseous
Walgreens is happy at what I pay
I used to be a Super Girl
with Clark Kent at my side
but now I get so car sick
He can’t take me for a ride
So I’ll just do what I can do
when I can’t, I’ll just stay home
I’ll watch TV get mad and cry
and won’t even answer the phone
The daily life of a Chronic Girl
is sad and awfully unfair
but I just keep going day by day
because of “my people” who care



8 responses

  1. Well worth re-posting this one Mo. Thank you!

    It is so true. Sometimes I feel like a pill factory and today I’m sick as a dog, although my dogs would go eat grass and get it all out if they felt this way. I would if I thought it would help.

    Being sick and home or bed ridden is awful!

    May the day bring a little peace and healing.

    Well wishes to you,

    • If eating grass would cure my ills I would eat it too! My life sometimes feels like 1 step forward and 3 steps back! I don’t think I will ever get used to being sick…and it has been 10 years.

      Hoping you had a good day today.


  2. Sending you good, heal better/ feal better/s vibes: (((((hugs)))) Wish there was more I could say or do! sometimes there just aren’t, in my case, the words to express the emotions/feelings.

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