So, yesterday I felt semi-okay most of the day, probably a three or a four.  I did a few things around the house, and didn’t have to cook.  Friday night is our unofficial frozen pizza night.  By the time I hit the sheets I knew something wasn’t right.  I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, coughing, blowing my nose,  and razor blades in my throat.   Yay for me.  A cold.  My immune system is so shot that if someone drives past my house and sneezes I get sick.

On top of that discomfort, my son and The Joe-Man both gave up coffee for lent!  Who does that?  It’s punishment for me, not sacrifice for them.  They enjoy seeing me pulling my hair out. 

The two of them walked around like Zombies today and had terrible headaches from caffeine withdrawal.  Did they get any sympathy from me???  Nope.  Headaches are the norm for some people, so get out your Man Card and toughen up. 

A cold for most people lasts a week or so.  But me???  Double that recovery time and up the steroids!!!  Sick and steroid rage is not a good thing.

I am a bitch when I have a cold.  I’m taking some Nyquil and going to bed!


No, This is not me.

 I have a new blog Guys and Gals.  Come visit me over there.








7 responses

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and I have nothing to offer in the home remedy department other than chicken soup and positive thoughts. What is your favorite frozen pizza and have you ever heard of the Presto Pizzaz pizza oven?

    • Thanks Michael, I am feeling better today. Yes yes yes!! We love the Pizza Pizzazz! I think it is the most important kitchen appliance ever invented. Between that and a microwave I can cook anything!

      Every kid I know that is going to college gets one, and every bride at every boring wedding shower I attend also gets this as a present.


  2. Thank God for Nyquil, it is the ONLY OTC medicine that helps with cold symptoms. Yes, for the Addisonian/Adrenal Insufficiency person, having a cold can truly knock you down, for much longer than is normal and much harder than is normal for “normals.”

    I’m so sorry you are not feeling well, I think I dread colds more than ever since I developed Addison’s – it’s something we can’t even compare to pre-Addison’s days. So goes our world. Rest up, take the Nyquil and let your body chill out so it can heal. Take care!!

  3. I’m sorry you’re sick. I hope you feel better very fast!
    I’ve found that Cold-eeze (it’s a Zinc lozenge) helps me a lot in fighting stuff off, and shortening the duration. It’s not a cure but it sure does help me.

  4. I don’t hardly bother with OTC drugs when it comes to getting a “cold” I head straight for the doctor for the good cough medicine with codeine and a zpack. I don’t get sick very often (but will now since I typed that) so taking antibiotics maybe once a year is fine by me. Suck up the cough syrup and sleep my cold away.
    Feel better soon Reenie and call me if you need anything.

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