MeMeTastic Blog Award

 Yesterday I received the MeMetastic blog award from  my new  Friend  Dorky Deb  (I really don’t think she is a Dork though)

Now here’s the deal with the Award. Once you receive the award you must do a few things:

  •  You must proudly display the award in a post. You must list 5 things about yourself and 4 of the 5 must be BOLD FACE LIES. (your readers must guess which one is the truth)
  • And you must then pass this prestigious award on, to 5 deserving bloggers. So… without further delay, here are my 5 stories. Remember ONLY ONE is completely truthful.

1.  I studied at The Chicago Art Institute  and received my Degree in Interior Design.  I worked for a large firm in Chicago for about 4 years, but left the position to be a Mom.

2.  I am an Army brat.  We traveled and lived in several different countries over the years.  Our family lived in Iceland, Japan, California, Florida and Illinois.  Most of the family settled in Illinois, but I have siblings spread across the country.

3.  I worked for the police for over 20 years.  I was a 9-1-1  Radio Operator,  and a Police Matron.  As a Matron one of my duties was to search female prisoners.  I once searched a woman and discovered a bulge in her jeans…yep it was a penis!  A cross dresser!

4.  All through college, some friends and I ran a house cleaning business.  Most of our clients were college students living in apartments and rented houses.  Once while cleaning, we found a naked guy under a bed…sound asleep.  We found him when we tried to vacuum underneath the bed.  He slept very soundly! And he wasn’t embarrassed at all.

5.  In the 70’s I dated a member of the famous rock group Chicago. I met Jim in a local bar in the early 70’s and were together for about 4 years.   But, as they became more and more famous and started to tour, our romance ended.  We are still friends, and I go to some of the shows  they do in Chicago now. ( P.S.  I get really good seats!)

Ok so those are my 5 stories.  Now if you dare, guess which one is the only one that is completely truthful, and leave your guess in a comment.  In a few days I will make a new post, and reveal who is right.

And now, to fulfill my final obligation.  These are the 5 blogs I have chosen to pass the award onto:

  1. Finding Lana
  2. Creativity to the Max
  3. Phylor’s Blog
  4. Hibernation Now
  5. Shauna’s Life in In Pain

 Congrats to these lucky 5 bloggers who this award is being passed on to!  You can visit the MeMetastic Hop to add your name to the list of recipients of this fantastic award.

And I hope you enjoyed my 5 stories.  And I hope my readers will leave a guess in the comments, as to which one is truthful !!!  🙂


7 responses

  1. Thanks for passing the award along to me. I cheated and read the answer in the next post so I won’t give it away! I’ll just ssy I wouldn’t have picked the right one.

  2. Hi Mo,

    I think number four. I believe parts of number three are true, but something isn’t right about it, although I’m not sure what. Number four is wild, but aren’t most good stories? So, I choose number four.


  3. #2 is not true because it’s too cold in Iceland for the Army. Only the Marines would go there.
    #3 is not true because you have never been matronly.
    #4 is not true because no one in their right mind, much less a college student, would ever ever clean UNDER a bed.
    #5 is not true because Chicago performing in Chicago is redundant
    #6 is not true because there is no #6
    #1 is up for grabs

    P.S. Thanks for giving me the award. I think.

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