Cleaning my Closet

Even though I’m still suffering from this horrendous cold/virus invasion, I have committed to cleaning out our closet in the master bedroom.  I don’t have a lot of clothes because I rarely wander from my house.  I do however have lots of jammies and  comfortable things to wear but not a lot of things that take up space in the walk-in closet.  When I still worked, I was lucky enough to wear a uniform everyday, so I never got into buying clothes and never was much of a fashionista. 

I started by going through my small collection of t-shirts and sweat shirts, purses and shoes and got a nice amount to donate to the local women’s shelter. 

I had two large plastic bins filled with old pictures, school photos, report cards and too many school papers I saved from my kids.  I managed to consolidate all of it into one container. 

The biggest chore still to tackle is my Husband’s stuff.  He really could qualify for an episode of “Hoarders”  He saves all kinds of shit everything, and claims everything has sentimental value.

Joe’s waist size was 31 inches when we got married.  25 years later his waist size is 32 inches.  So, he doesn’t have fat clothes, and clothes that he might fit in after his next diet.  He just has a lot of everything.  I told him this evening that he has to go through everything and get rid of A LOT….he laughed.

Slowly but surely I will get this task completed.  Maybe I can sneak one item a week out of the closet, and in a few years it will be organized and clean!

not my closet

not my closet either

Dream Closet


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  1. I have to do the same thing. Go through and get rid of stuff!
    My husband is constantly sorting and saying he is going to get rid of stuff, but it just seems to make it in the piles: Charity, FreeCycle, Ebay, Craigslist. Umm, how about working on those piles?

    I do think it’s partially my fault. After he finishes working I want him for me. I don’t want him to be upstairs working on purging. I want me time! Perhaps it’s because I don’t see anyone else all day long?

    Good luck on your purging.

    • I’m the same way with my husband. When he is home I want him all to myself. I do feel guilty for depending on him for my emotional well-being. So far, he hasn’t complained! He is s l o w l y working on his junk in the closet. He gave up a few things already. This project won’t be done for months! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I’m with you on knowing Joe all too well. After all, he lived with Pa for so many years. Pa went through the Great Depression. Now that was a generation that never tossed anything out because it could be reused, revamped, and refurbished. And they did that so admirably WITHOUT buying “new stuff”. The generations that followed are like the George Carlyn skit. Everyone has to have “stuff”. If you get rid of your “stuff”, you have to buy more “stuff” to replace the “stuff” and then buy storage units to house the “old stuff” to make room for the “new stuff”! Life is just relocating all “your stuff” until you leave this world “without any stuff” anyway!! LOL

    • Oh Linda, you have no idea! We had to get a storage unit for Joe’s stuff that was piled up in my Ma’s garage. $88.00 a month for STUFF! We have stuff from Pa’s house he can’t give up too. And George Carlin was indeed correct! WE HAVE TOO MUCH stuff!

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon. I had that nasty virus. It felt like the house guest that wouldn’t leave.

    But, you are inspiring me! I’m looking at the disaster that is my desk and I think I’ll get back to it this afternoon. I love my desk but it’s has a lot of empty space which means I’ve turned it into a permanent dumping ground.

    What I want is someone that would come to my place and get me organized, build a nice shelf, get me little boxes and trays so I can feel organized…

    And I’m daydreaming again instead of organizing.

    Have a good day.


    • My sister is such a good organizer. She went to our girlfriend’s house and did her linen closet, her pantry and her master bath. I think the hardest part is keeping it organized after it is clean! I can dream of clean ond organized.

  4. Oh man. We used to watch episodes of Hoarders online. I haven’t seen any in ages I think they quit putting them up online or something (we don’t have cable). But that show sure was good about making you want to clean house! I think you could have a perfect house and that show would make you want to scrub it some more. LOL!

      • Yeah it is. Especially for those that are healthy and just do nothing about it. I have some understanding for those that are ill & not physically able to fix it, especially when they have someone else in the house making the problem worse and not helping clean. I think those cases are a little different. I have more sympathy for people dealing with clutter than I do gross stuff (like nasty food, pet droppings, etc. etc.). There is a difference between cluttered and disgusting. I don’t get nearly as much help as I would like, but my house has never been gross. I have my kids chip in and I teach them good habits. But they are young so there is only so much they can do. And I get hubby to help whenever I can. I’m the kind of person that likes to clean the floors by hand so that they are really clean. But that mentality does not mesh well with a chronic illness.

  5. I don’t have any crap, I never collect shit. EVERYTHING has a POSSIBILITY. Unlike some people, I understand Joe.
    xxxxx Judy

    P.S. I bet that even if you sneak one thing out a week that will be just the thing he looks for!

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