Peapod Day!

I ordered my groceries last night on-line, and they got delivered today. AND both the hubby and #1 son were home, so I didn’t even have to put it away! 

I think I have a crush on my Peapod delivery Guy!

Good night!



7 responses

  1. Hey Gal,

    I hope you are feeling better. I wanted to go onto the other blog so I could do some serious complaining, but then I wrote my little poem, felt a bit better. But, I’m still here to check in on you!!!! How are you feeling?

    Lana C.

  2. I used to use Peapod years ago, when they first began here in the Houston area and LOVED IT. Then, they took it away from our area. So Not Cool!!!

    Anyway, my husband has become quite the gourmet chef so he must go down every aisle and get all of these exotic ingredients — I am certainly not complaining!!

    🙂 Lana C.

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