I’m such a Klutz-My Brothers are Gonna Love This!

Friday night being the romantic couple we are, the Joe-Man and I went to bed early.  We got in bed with our favorite toys…..our laptops!!!!  We are so nerdy.  While we were engrossed in our emails I decided I wanted another pillow.  The “fancy” pillows from our bed were on the floor about three feet from our bed.  I was too lazy to get up so I just leaned over the side of the bed thinking I could reach it…no problem right?  Our bed is very high and it’s a pain in the ass butt to get off and on.  Once I’m in bed, I stay in.  So, as I’m reaching for the pillow I keep stretching a little more….one more inch should do it…and then I slide off the bed and fell right on my face.  I really thought I broke my nose or all my teeth because I was really bleeding.  After Joe realized I wasn’t dead he couldn’t stop laughing.  (Why do men always think that this kind of stuff is funny?) 

Two days later my face is killing me…(I know, it’s killing you too) and I look absolutely beautiful.  I expect my face to turn a different color everyday, but here is a picture of what I look like today.  Don’t laugh.  Please.  It really hurts.

My nose is swollen, I have bruises starting under my eyes, and that lip!!  Oh it hurts!   I can’t believe I am sharing this, but I know my brothers will really enjoy it!



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  1. Mo, that is just terrible! Would a shorter bed or a platform and/or hand rails around the bed (or just on your side) help? It could be a pain in the butt to put a platform together but better a minor pain in the butt than the major pain in the head!

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  3. Mo! Oh my gosh! Yikes! This sounds like something I would do. I am always tripping and bumping around the world, lots of mystery bruises and what not. This one’s a doozy though! Hey, i just checked in because I wanted to know if you are going to the IBD conference in Rosemont this weekend. My husband and I are attending. Love to meet up. Here is my phone number if you want to get in touch with me. We are leaving today (friday) at 2 pm and staying thru sunday. 718-683-2158. love to hear from you. you can text me also. hope to hear from you! also, wishing you a speedy recovery! jamey

    • Thanks Jamey. I sent you a msg last night (Friday) and totally meant to call you today but had a horrible day. Let me know how the conference went, and if I feel good I will text or call you tomorrow (Sunday) Great weather here today, hope you got to enjoy some of it Friend!

  4. Oh Mo! I know this post is several days old but I sure hope you are better. I just had to say sorry you fell. I have done exactly the same thing. I guess in the long run it’s better if we just get up. I’m glad you didn’t break your teeth or your nose.

    Keep getting better xoxoxo

    • Just a little bruising left, but my teeth are starting to hurt a bit. I have a dentist appointment in a few weeks to check them out. I hope it is just soreness from the swelling…I hope.

  5. Dear my best friend Maureen,
    I am so aghast at my Human’s reaction. Please forgive her. She’s a good person at heart but has a rather strange sense of humor.
    If I had been there when you got your hurt I would have given you lots of licks to make it all better.
    Here’s some belated licks, LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
    P.S. My Human laughs at me a lot so I know how you feel. I will continue trying to socialize her so I don’t have to worry so much when I take her out in public.

    • Dear Max, Tootsie slept through the whole thing! She doesn’t like to be disturbed during her beauty sleep…unless it’s for a cookie! I know you would have comforted me.

  6. Oh Mo. I am so glad I didn’t see your post until today and you are feeling better. Because I can’t stop laughing at the visual you created with your description (not your actual picture) an inch at a time until you fell on your face. Sorry Mo I can’t stop laughing even now. I must have too much testosterone.
    P.s. Next time you want a fat lip have a Restylane injection.
    (I apologize, I just can’t stop from laughing)
    P.P.S. I AM glad you didn’t break anything or lose a tooth – but I still can’t stop laughing)

    • That’s okay Judy! Now that it is almost healed I am laughing. And my kids and Joe still stiffle a chuckle when they see me! So. it’s really OK. I;d rather have people laughing at (and) with me, than feeling sorry for me!!! 🙂

  7. as my children say…..”there’s a picture of me in the dictionary right next to the word KLUTZ” so you have company. I am not laughing (smiling a teeny bit) but only because I can relate. oh..and the ski lift thing? Saw it on MAX, no way, no how, no hypnosis, NOTHING but utter negativity. Gondola, not so bad because I love the water. I signed up for your blog but I am not getting it. What else should you do? BTW, next time, forget that you even wanted that silly, extra pillow!!! hope you feel better. Laurie aka hibernationnow. p.s. just saw the bottom and have checked it off for subscribe, YAY.

  8. Oh, Mo! I really feel for you. I’m a klutz too, but so far I’ve kept blood off my face… another wonderful thing about Addison’s is that low cortisol makes for easy bruising and really slow healing. Like a dog wagged its tail and bruised my shin last summer, and I still have the bruise. It’s a wonderful life.

  9. Mo Mo Mo Mo……

    OMG you poor thing!! I just could picture that happening as you told the story. Hows the pain?? It really really hurts to fall on your face or be hit in any way on our faces. Very sensitive area!! With that added bonus of everyone being able to see what we did!

    Wow can I relate to you about the ‘men laughing thing!’….I have 4 brothers and we were raised laughing at things others may consider ‘improper’ but it made for raising my son a lot easier!! And yes, they do seem to laugh at things that shouldn’t be laughed at.

    Gentle Hugs and I will not get near your nose in that hug—-<3

    • It hardly hurts anymore. I had to go to a doctor appointment today…she took one look at me and winced. When I told her what happened she tried to hide her amusement! I grew up with two brothers and barely survived…but four brothers had to be a blast!

  10. I know this has to HURT! Sounds as if we are mirror images of each other in graceful movements. Did you take extra HC? I was wondering how this affected your body, overall, with Addison’s? I guess you could call this photo “The Pillow Effect?” Your injury isn’t funny, but you blog entry sure made me laugh! 🙂

    Lana C.

    • Lana, Yes I did take extra in the morning and then a little bit extra in the afternoon. The pain isn’t bad now but my technicolor face is something else. Glad you enjoyed the post…ya gotta laugh when somethng like this happens or you could go crazy!

  11. I have a high bed as well. My desk is right beside my bed. It’s actually an office workstation with shelves at head level (can you see where this is going), and has been my saving grace on a number of sleepy/brain foggy occasions. Except for those wide awake times when I haven’t been paying attention and have given myself a headache.

    I hope you’re feeling better really soon.


    • If I had something as big as a desk that close to my bed I’d would be bashing my head all the time! I’ll never learn…You have to think before you move!
      mo (Maureen too)

  12. Oh, that looks so painful! I fell getting out of bed last year…half asleep, I caught my toe in my PJ pants’ hem. Hit the floor like a rock! We all do things like this, Mo. Take care of those bruises.

  13. Girlfriend, that is the kind of thing I would do too! Good grief, you look like you got roughed up by some thugs. Feel better soon & hopefully a little concealer will cover your boo-boos up.

  14. Ugh! You poor thing! I took a spill walking Lucy today and ended up muddy and possibly bruised but on my rear not face. It’ll heal before you know it! ❤

    • I read about it on facebook. That’s why I don’t walk my dog, I just let her out, but I know you can’t do that. And by the looks of her pictures, Lucy looks bigger and stronger than Tootsie. Feel better!

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