Some of my blogger friends are taking part in a “post a day” experience about their health.  I can’t commit to a post a day again.  So, here is my A.B.C. list of my chronic life: 

  • A-Addison’s Disease, Appendectomy
  • B-Bowel re-section
  • Crohn’s
  • D-Diverticulitis
  • E-Ectopic pregnancy
  • F-Fallopian tubes removed
  • G-Gerd, Gallbladder
  • H-Hysterectomy – Hiatel Hernia
  • I-Insomnia
  • J-Joint pain
  • K-Low Potassium
  • L-Lamictal, Lunesta
  • M-Miscarriage
  • N-Nausea, Nexium
  • O-Ovarian cyst
  • P-Pituitary Disease
  • Q-Queasy
  • R-‘Roid Rage
  • S-Synthroid
  • T-Thyroid Disease
  • U-Uterus removed
  • V-Vertigo
  • W-Weakness
  • X-Xanax
  • Y-Yuckyness (does this count?)
  • Z-Zantac

Hokey Smokes…funny huh?


11 responses

  1. Hi Mo, Just came over to say I hope you are feeling some better and if not, then I hope it helps to know I’m thinking of you.

    I think sometimes I should list my symptoms, conditions and diseases as my portfolio of accomplishments in life. It does take a lot of work to manage them.

    I’m not sure what Roid rage is, but all the others I understood and I’m sorry you have all this to face. You are a very strong woman!

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