A Good Good Day–WooHoo

  • Peapod Day!!
  • Felt good enough to get out of bed
  • Actually got out of the house.
  • Had some chocolate
  • Watched DWTS
  • Bright sunny day

But on a bad note some hoodlum broke into Bill’s truck during the night.  All they got was his I-Pod.  Turns out a lot of cars were broken into in our two block area.  Punks and hoodlum are what they are.  I hope they catch them.  Criminal are not always smart ya know!

Keep your fingers crossed that I have another good good day tomorrow

17 responses

  1. Isn’t that when you wish you had a couple of sleeping Pitbulls in the backseat? They should be thankful that you weren’t up with Addison Agony and glancing out to catch them in the act (if it is in a visible location). Maybe God was protecting you; people can do crazy things when they feel cornered, but I bet anything they’ll be back, until they move out of mommy and daddy’s house!! We’ve had our vehicles broken into and it’s always kids in the neighborhood up to no good. So sad. Okay, get out of the rifle, just in case!

  2. Dang! Must be going around. Alex’s iPod, coins, & 2 chargers were taken from his car last week. ARGH!! He’s going crazy not having his 1,500 tunes! At least he can plug in his Android phone w/ Pandora for tunes. He HATES local radio stations. Admittingly, they pretty much suck. Glad your days was SWEET! Oh yeah… L8R Chica, Michelle

  3. Fingers are crossed!!!! Love these kind of days! Say a prayer for me because my best-friend is picking me up in the morning for us to spend the early part of the day together and my body better darn well cooperate!! At least she is as close as a sister and knows how unpredictable my health can be. It is so WONDERFUL to get outside and away from the hum-drum, boring life that chronic illness can bring. That in itself is rejuvenating. Let us know how tomorrow goes for you!!!!

    Lana C.

  4. I’m glad you had a good day. Good days are great! I’m sorry about the theft. I can’t stand thieves.

    We watch DWTS at our house too. I hope good days keep coming for you!

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