Today, my sister got me out of the house thank goodness.  I was wary of the heat but I did OK.  We went to Home Depot’s garden department to browse,  because it is all in the shade, and I used one of the electric scooters so I didn’t get over tired.  I don’t know why I hesitate to use those scooters…I guess I’m afraid of the “looks” I might get.  Oh well,  hooray for me…I did it!!
I bought some plants for my porch and my large garden in the backyard.  I can’t do the gardening by myself especially when it’s hot.  BUT, my Danny is home from college and he is a workhorse!  He loves to work in the yard, so I will give him orders and he will follow them!
I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things and start blogging again. 
D.W.T.S. finale is tomorrow night, and Sis and I are hoping Hines and Kym win.
And American Idol finale is this week too.  I’ll be waiting to hear what my friend Mr. Fishman has to say about this season when it is all over.
Tomorrow Sis and I will be decorating the veterans-monument for the Memorial Day weekend.  Since Mom is gone we have taken over her decades old tradition of making sure the monument is decorated for the seasons and holidays.  Hope it’s no too hot, or we will be there with flashlights in the dark!
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  1. I have the same reservations about using the scooter. I get nervous about what people will think and have actually overheard two workers at the grocery store once have a conversation about whether I actually need the scooter, until they saw my cane. It was humiliating. But I have to remember that what they think is not my problem, it is theirs and if I need a scooter to get groceries, then that is what I need. Good for you for getting out of the house!

  2. I used one of the scooters for the first time this weekend at Universal. My sis felt self-conscious last year when her foot was so bad- I think we get judged a bit because we’re younger- but I was SO GLAD I decided to rent one. It made the day much more enjoyable and I wasn’t utterly exhausted and rushing people home who wanted to stay. Glad that you got out and about for a bit sweetie! *hugs*

  3. D.W.T.S. Is that like B.I.W.T.A? (blend in with the air) Speaking of blend… they still put the colored tissue paper in the blenders at the store! I ACTUALLY SAW THEM! (thought you could use a laugh)

  4. I’m so glad you went out Mo, I had to use a wheelchair at the airport and I just decided not to care about”the looks” I got. It made it so much easier. Don’t care about what anyone thinks or looks like, they too will have their limitations one day.I’m glad you went out and had fun, you should do it more often. I blogged about planting a few things earlier and it felt so good. Sure, I paid the price (and i think the plants are dead from all this rain) but it reminded me of a better time.
    As for shows, I need to catch up on the last week of Oprah! I am going to miss her, she was part of my evening.
    Maybe it will prompt me to write more? (doubt it). Love, your twin, separated at birth, Laurie

  5. Glad to hear you got out of the house, and had a good time.
    Your story highlights something that I really should blog about. My mother let her world shrink for a variety of reasons, but one was her stubborn resistence to using a wheelchair or scooter. She would bitterly lament not being able to go shopping, but wouldn’t let me arrange a trip using a store wheelchair/scooter. Her over mental and physical health declined because she wouldn’t leave the house. Not couldn’t, but wouldn’t. I really wish folks would take advantage of ANYTHING that keeps their world from shrinking (mom refused the computer and internet, too). So you think: you’ll look old or dorky; it’s admitting defeat; it’s giving in to your illness. Think of it as just another way of those fighting chronic illnesses that limit our horizons. Please, folks, don’t let mobility issues keep you in the house. There, I’ve ranted long enough.
    Good luck with your memorial day decorations. I think it’s great that you are honouring your mom by taking on these kinds of tasks.

    • Thanks Phylor. Your story about your Mom is sad. My Mom didn’t fight the wheelchair, she enjoyed getting out if she could, I remember her last shopping trip, my sister took her to Kmart and she was so thrilled. She called me when they got home and told me about everything she bought. So sorry your Mom didn’t enjoy life. That’s one thing I am happy for…my Mom had a full life. She was 87 and on the internet everyday before she got sick. Thanks for your kind words about the memorial day decorations. Sis and I got it all done the other day!

  6. So glad you were able to get out and about. I don’t know why we are hesitant to use things to help us. I only gave in and used one of the scooters once, when I went to the fair just days after having hip surgery. I will also use a walker at home when I need it, but I’ve never taken it out. I guess I’d rather just stay home during those times.

    So glad Danny is home and can help you with the gardening. Just looking at the garden makes me feel good.

    It is so good of you and your sister to decorate the Veteran’s Memorial. What a lovely tradition. I’d love to see it.

    hoping every day is better.

    • Thanks Wendy. The weather here in Chicago has ben cold and rainy. It feels like October instead of May, so I haven’t planted anything yet. Hopefully over the weekend.

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