Girlfriends…a major part of every woman’s life. The Girlfriends of your youth seem to fall to the wayside when you hit high school, if you are lucky you stay in touch.  Girlfriends you find when you are in college, or in your twenties when you are trying to figure out your life.  Girlfriends you make when your kids are little and going to school, women you hang out with at the playground.  Bingo playing, Bunco Babes, working buddies and neighbors. 

Girlfriends come and go, especially when you are sick and can offer nothing in return except cancellations for lunch or unanswered phone calls. 

I have girlfriend that I talk to when I feel good, and if I’m too tired to talk a long time…she understands. (Neighbor Girl!)

I have a loyal girlfriend that stays in touch via facebook and emails, each watching the others kids grow up.  (Wine cooler Babes!)

I have Sister-Girlfriends that I don’t know what I would do without. (Except they are always walking!)

I have a Girlfriend who would be here as fast as she could if I needed her, and she has been there for me everytime.  We have taken care of each other too many times to count.  She is the one that knows ALL my secrets.  (Reenie, the yolk is hard!)

I have a work Girlfriend that checks up on me, and makes me feel like I am still “in the loop”.  Work gossip is the best ya know! (lunch partners and bunco babes)

I have a girlfriend that lives in a different state, and we don’t talk often.  But, when I needed her she was there.  She walked in the room and it was like she never moved away.  (Here we have…)

I have a Girlfriend that is so messed up that I cannot help.  It breaks my heart, but she’s okay about it.

I have a Girlfriend that makes me laugh and listens to me cry.  All I have to do is call her and she makes me feel better. (ILYBOA)

I have new “Lady Friends ” as The Joe-Man calls them, that I have met online.  The support and empathy I receive from these Ladies is priceless.  They understand what it is like to be sick or in pain.  We whine, we bitch, and we complain all through the magic of the Internet.  We talk about meds, doctors, hospitals,  our families and our pets.

You can’t get through life without true friends.  And Girlfriends can heal all wounds. They make you forget about your aches and pains, old boyfriends, bad hangovers, stupid decisions, grief and triumphs. 

I have lost contact with some girlfriends since I’ve been sick, and I understand why.  One friend told me that she hates to call me and ask how I am feeling, she is uncomfortable because she knows I probably feel like shit.  I told her that she doesn’t need to ask me how I feel….tell me what you have been doing….I love to hear your voice, even if it is just a voice mail!

 So here’s to Girlfriends…

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.  ~John Leonard

The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.  ~Elbert Hubbard, The Notebook, 1927

True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.  ~Dave Tyson Gentry


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  1. being an only child i consider some of my gal pals, my family (sisters). im lucky to still be really close with some gals i grew up with (3rd-4th grade). not so lucky with a few. the ones who you can not talk with for months or even years and just pick right up where you left off, like nothing, are the ones who you know are in it for the long haul. you grow up, move to different cities/states, have all kinds of responsibilities which make it tough to get togther as much as you would like but thats life and being a grown up. but have to say it fills my heart with love to know that i am the kind of woman that make the people watched me get here consider me as their contemporary. love and kisses!

    • Melissa, Thanks for the nice reply. It’s funny, part of me thinks of you still as a kid I watched grow up…and part of me feels ike you are my girlfriend. You know I admire you for all that you’ve done to get where you are now. A good job, a good relationship, you pay your bills, you have a car….you know, the things you are supposed to do when you grow up. It is amazing to me you have turned out so wonderful considering what you were exposed to as a kid. I, FOR ONE, AM VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU…..and don’t you forget that!

  2. All of this is so true. Excellent post. Lately, I’ve been missing time with the girls, but I am not very reliable and this makes me more isolated. However, I do have those friends who won’t let anything get in between us and those gals I love with all my heart. We love being there for each other.

    Gotta love our gal pals!!!

  3. Nice post, a little sad for me too. I’ve been burned pretty badly in the past by a couple of girl friends that I really thought I could always count on.

    But I’ve found that many people have problems being friends with someone that has a chronic illness. It’s very easy for people to seemingly forget all about you when you can’t get out and do things with them like you used to. That’s one of the things that I love about dogs. They never forget you. It doesn’t matter how little you are able to do, or how sick you’ve been, they never forget you and their devotion never changes. Sometimes I wish more people were as loyal.

  4. Nice post Mo. It’s so true.

    I miss my old girlfriends. I have one from college, and we say hi, but not too much more. I can’t put words in their mouths and assume I know why the long periods of no communication is there, but many people seem unable to handle a person who is chronically sick.

    I miss the place I used to live. I had girlfriends there, but we’ve lost touch since I moved.

    You are lucky Mo, but I know you realize that and are grateful.

    My best friend is a man too, but I must admit, it is not the same as having a female friend. Men simply can’t think the same way we do, but I love him anyway, even if he is a man.

    Big hugs and doggy kisses to you!

    • Thanks for the reply Mrs. Dogkisses. Friends are so special, but girlfriends are precious. All of my girlfriends are a phone call away, and I know all I need to do is call.

  5. Oh Baby, you nailed it! You really know how to touch this girlfriend’s heart. Your gift of words is such a special treat I look forward to reading. It makes me feel close to ya, even though we don’t see each other very often. Keep on Truckin’ Chick. You ROCK the world for all us Girlfriends! X O

  6. Being a chronic can be isolating. Glad to read that you have true friends in the real and virtual world.
    In my life, my best girlfriend is a man! We’ve been friends for almost 36 years; met at a new year’s eve party. We drift apart; we come back together. We keep in touch; we have long silences. Our life paths are so different (when we met and now) yet we can still relate to each other.
    Just as I fell in love with my husband the first time I saw his smile, I knew I’d found a friend the first time I met my bmf (best male friend?).
    I’ve lost friends over the years; folks who faded as their careers took off and mine didn’t. Folks who found my illness too big of a barrier to them. Two friendships I lost (my responsibility that the bonds didn’t hold) I regret deeply. One died before I had a chance to reconcile and reconnect; the other I’ve tried to find in cyberspace.
    You’re lucky you have so many friends; but then, you are a good friend yourself.

    • Even in my lonliness when I am in my house not feeling good I know I only need to pick up my phone or go on the internet and I won’t
      be alone anymore. Thank you for being a friend, Friend!

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