Summer Plans

So, people keep asking me what are my plans for the summer? 

Going anywhere?  Doing anything fun?  Buy a new swimsuit? 

Well, I’m going to the same place I went last year.  The front porch.  Then…the back porch.

Sounds boring I know, but it really isn’t.  We have cardinals nesting in our maple tree, and I love watching them.  They are very vocal and scream at anything that comes near “their tree”!  Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of some yellow finches, and of course lots and lots of robins.

“Charlie Squirrel” is always a clown jumping from tree to tree and scampering along the fence driving my dog absolutely crazy.   chipmunks sneak out of their houses to check if I have left them any treats.  The dog will try to catch them with no success, they are just too fast.  

And, inch by inch row by row I sit and watch my garden grow.  Roses, Day Lilies, and my beautiful trumpet vine are all teasing me with buds that are waiting to burst into beautiful colorful flowers.  My hostas are getting bigger by the day and the zebra grass, which will be ten feet tall in a month, is sending up sprouts that will soon be waving and swaying in the breeze.

And if I am having a good day and can handle any visitor that might stop by,  I go to front porch.  Cars dive by on their way to kid’s baseball games and soccer. All the neighborhood dogs are walking their owners in the evening and most wave, and a few will stop and talk.  Tootsie is the prettiest dog in the neighborhood and everyone wants to pet her soft luxurious fur.  The “dog community” around here is very friendly, and everybody is known by their dog’s name.  I am “Tootsie’s Mom”.  That’s it.  No one really knows anyone’s real name.  But that’s okay.

Police Officers will pull in the driveway and come sit on the porch with me and catch me up on all the gossip and talk about their families.  Most of the fellows I worked with are retiring one after another.  Soon, I will only see new young and shiny police officers, but they won’t stop and talk to the old lady on her porch.  But, they will wave most of the time!

Our front porch faces west so I often will sit and watch the sunset.  Sometimes I will get really crazy and have a nice glass of Riesling with The Joe-Man.  We don’t say much, we just watch the kids scurrying home before the street lights come on.  If I am outside long enough I watch the sidewalks roll up and see everyone’s TV go on.  The soft glow of some silly TV show coming through their front windows. 

Mosquitoes don’t bother me.  I’m not sure if they don’t bite me, or if they bite me and I have no reaction to it.  I can stay outdoors longer than anyone.   Just me and the dog and on occasion the cat.  Everyone else escapes into the house slapping mosquitos as they run.

Then the next day I do it all over again.  Cheap and enjoyable vacation.  I recommend it to everyone.  Sit and watch your garden grow….inch by inch.


18 responses

  1. Hi Mo! I love your summer plans! And hearing about your roses, hostas, lilies trumpet vine – what a lovely garden you have to enjoy! Someday I dream of having a home with a front and back porch for Joshua and I to enjoy the summer. Sounds heavenly! God bless you friend!

  2. Sounds idyllic Mo. I rarely sit outside and watch the garden grow. If I did, I’d sit outside and think about all the spots that need weeding instead and try to restrain myself from going out there and pulling weeds. (We have had a ton of rain here and the weeds are taking over and it’s been too wet to weed.)

    I may have to take your suggestion to get outside and sit a spell.

  3. What a lovely post – I can imagine exactly what it all looks like :o) We don’t have a garden, but I walk very slowly past some beautiful ones on our road. I’ve learned to really appreciate the changes day by day in them – one went from wysteria to honeysuckle to roses and always has something new going on (they are keen gardeners) and it regularly makes my day to get a new waft of fragrance or burst of colour from them – it never fails to make me smile when I see a new plant pop open from a bud to a flower suddenly!

  4. What a pleasant read Mo! Thanks for sharing your view. Sounds lovely and kind of reminds me of the way Mma Ramotswe talks in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series.

    I was just out on my deck talking to my son before I read this. He asked what I’d like to do this summer. I am sooo fatigued, and I thought, what does a person this tired do? If I had a bigger bedroom, maybe I could give in to this horrible fatigue. Or a garden to watch with a front porch.

    Sigh… I think I need to move.

    In the meantime, I’ll stay cool by the air, hope for some energy and imagine your front porch and the children running home before dark.

  5. I love your post. I wish I could come up from 100 miles s of Kansas City and sit on your porch with you but how would I get the energy to travel to your city!LOL…..I too entertain myself with the goings on in my yeard when I can and when the bugs are not too bad. I have been fighting anxiety and depression something awful latey due to meds and life stress….so hope to get back to the peaceful gazing and listening to our yard…….again sounds great…have a great summer vacation!!

  6. To my other M of our M&M’s…Thanks for sharing! Your description of the old ‘hood’ brought back great memories. What a nice trip! We have lots of wildlife in our back 40 which account for much tranquil entertainment, except for the coyote killing of a deer last fall. Just the other day a wren was perched on our feeder & was yakkin’ up a storm! What a huge voice for such a itsy birdy. Enjoy the days when you can, dear friend. Hugs to my sweet M!

  7. Mo,
    it sounds wonderful and relaxing and peaceful. Except for one thing, now that song “Inch by Inch, Row by Row” sung by Peter, Paul and Mary will NOT leave my head. good thing I like that song!!!!

  8. I LOVE this post! And I can really relate. I think this summer I may be more confined than ever (which is saying a lot), because this year I don’t seem to be tolerating heat at all. The heat bothered me some last year, but this year it’s truly dangerous for me. At least I was able to get outside a lot this spring, that was wonderful.

    But I know what you mean about enjoying the small things around your home. On my nature blog (which I’m so behind in posting my photos to), almost all of the photos posted on that blog are taken within 25 feet of my back door. LOL! Occasionally I’ll get out a bit further with my camera, but not too often. I, like you, enjoy watching the little things.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do with this new problem with the heat. Now that it is so hot, I can’t stand to go out until very late evening. And I’m the opposite of you in terms of bug bites. The bugs LOVE me. Ever since I was a kid I am always the person that gets covered in bug bites when nobody else does. So I’ve been stuck inside a great deal the past week. I think that’s why I’ve been so antsy too. I’m already looking forward to cooler weather. LOL

  9. I really like this post. I get asked that question (or a similar question) often & generally don’t know what to say (or feel like I’m letting people down w/ my answer). I’m not doing much most days (in terms of what a healthy person can do), but in “my world” I’m doing as much as I can. I move slowly, I rest, I appreciate anything I am able to do. After reading your entry, I realize I don’t need to feel badly about my lack of an exciting answer to the standard questions (What are you doing today? What are you doing this weekend? What are you doing this summer?) I think I’ll work on that (on feeling badly about my inability to be a race car driver or a lion tamer). Sometimes some of the most worthwhile things we “do” aren’t exciting or flashy and don’t look like much outwardly.

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