Why I didn’t go to Oprah.

First: I live in Chicago

Second:  a friend of mine has a daughter who works for Oprah. 

Fourth: I probably could have found tickets for her last shows, or even with luck for the extravaganza last show.  So, why didn’t I go?

But…I couldn’t have physically done it.  I’d have been laying on the sidewalk instead of standing in line.

When Oprah first started in Chicago, announcements were made during the commercial breaks telling the viewers what shows they needed audience members for.  I truthfully can’t remember how many times I went, or what those shows were about, except for one particular show. 

My Mom, Sister and I went to a show about people with dental phobia…that was me.  After we were herded into the small studio I was put in a seat in the first row right on the aisle, I was very suspicious and nervous.  Oprah started her show and eventually ended up standing right next to me.  Funny thing, I remember she kept playing with my hair while she stood there.  Soon, I was up on the stage sitting in a real dentist chair with all the tools and scary looking instruments.  I was on TV for only about five minutes, but it felt like an hour.  After the show she told me how grateful she was that I participated, and what a good job I did.  If I say so myself, it was very cool.  I have the show on a VCR tape, but have no idea if it could be put on a DVD so I could post it.  (I’ll have to ask my Brother, he’s smart)

Aside from going to her show so many times, Oprah was a part of my day just as so many other viewers have said.  I took care of my babies watching her. I cleaned my house watching her.  I recovered from surgeries watching her.   I folded clothes watching her. 

 Now I am stuck watching Regis and Kelly…………..ick.

I would have loved to have been there in her audience for her last season, but I knew I just couldn’t do it.  But I did have an experience with her that I will never forget.  If I had been at the United Center for her farewell show….I wonder if she would have remembered me? 

I sure she would have. 


6 responses

  1. What a great tribute.
    I’m sorry you weren’t able to go to any of the last shows.
    You have some wonderful memories. And she’s still around…perhaps you’ll run into her again one day, and reminisce.

    to better days.

    • Sorry it took so long to reply Wendy. I appreciate when friends visit and especially when someone leaves a comment. So thank you….and maybe I will bump into Oprah someday. Who knows what the future brings?

  2. That’s a neat story! I think there are some places that will convert VHS tapes to DVD. I’ve never had it done before. But I’ve heard people talk about doing it. If you do, you should definitely post it! I’d like to see it. 🙂
    Some video cameras will video tape TV well enough to look decent, if you have one that will do a good job like that, you might be able to play it on your TV and videotape that portion, then upload it. That might work.

    • Sorry for the dealy in my reply :(. I will be asking the men in my life about this converting VHS onto DVD thing. That woudl be so cool, and yes I would put it on my blog for all to see! Hope you are staying cool!

  3. You know how much of an Oprah fan I am, we’ve talked about it. I’m a fan of you too. and honestly, I SAW THAT SHOW. i never missed a show and I used to tape them. How funny life is. We’re already connected, and now again. If you had asked I would have flown to Chicago to get you to a seat and settled if it meant you were there. I would have waited outside. As long as you were okay with it, that’s all that matters. I’m mad that all our sicknesses stand in the way of what we used to know as “fun.” It’s not fair but it is what it is.Your friends are here for you, whenever you need them to be. Love, twin, Laurie F.

    • Of course you saw that show…..how could you not twin!? I need to find that old VHS tape and see how young I looked then! But then again, it might piss me off! It really was fun! I wish you HAD been there!

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