For Medicinal Purposes Only

The Joe-Man brought me a present hoping it would make me feel better.  Not tonight, but soon I hope.  (2009 Chenin Blanc from South Africa).  Chenin Blanc is so hard to find, so I am delighted. 

Bill made me a banana/strawberry milkshake, put it in a pretty glass TAA DAA.

Thank You to all my friends who suggested the banana ice cream to keep my potassium up. 

That wine will be chilling until I am ready to drink some!



4 responses

  1. I wish I could reach into that picture and have that milkshake. It looks delicious. I love the strawberry and banana combination in different foods.

    And have a glass of wine for me too please. Some of the people I live with and hang out with don’t drink, so out of respect for them I don’t have it around. Never was a big drinker so it’s really not something I miss, especially since my ears have me staggering when I walk. I don’t need the extra help. 🙂 But sometimes, I’ll see an enticing picture such as yours…

    Enjoy and Cheers!


  2. Mmmm, banana strawberry! I’ve often said I need a “fancy” drink to have when everyone else is sipping on their wine and scotch and microbrewed beers. Banana strawberry in a fancy glass sounds like a contender. 🙂

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