I love you Paul!

Paul McCartney is in Chicago for a two night concert.  I am not there with him.  I know last night he searched the front rows for me, and sadly I was not there.  Tonight I’m sure he looked again, this time in disbelief that I was not to be seen.

 I am sorry Paul.  So sorry.  Really.  It was just too hot.   But, I hope you sang my favorite song,  and in your heart dedicated it to me.

If I could have fixed my broken wings and learned to fly, I would have been there.  For you.


3 responses

  1. I know how hard it is to miss things because of our limitations. Our bad days….
    I no longer take for granted that I can go to dinner with friends, or to a birthday party…I hesitate when buying tickets to something. (usually on the side of caution, I don’t buy them.)
    I’m so grateful when i get to do things. Things most people take for granted.

    On another note, concerts are so Expensive now! I would never be able to see all the shows I saw when i was younger now.
    I was lucky in the early 90’s I was given tickets to see Paul. (not great seats, but a friend couldn’t use them…I was happy to relieve her of them.)
    It was a great show.
    i was so confused at one point when he dedicated part of the show to his dear friend…Mo.
    Now I understand!
    I’m so glad I’m lucky enough to now know this incredible person!


  2. Dear MO,
    I too, was thinking about the concert but decided not to go. It was expensive, I had a lot of pain and the weather was iffy. I’m mad at myself. I did hear, of course, that he dedicated his first concert to his friend and fan, “Mo.” I’m sure he did. In MY next concert I will dedicate it to you too. Your Twin.

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