This afternoon I witnessed something so magical and beautiful that I still can’t believe it happened.  No one was home, so just me and the dog watched the whole awesome show alone. 

While putting the dog outside I looked up and saw what I thought were birds flying all over my back yard.  When I focused my eyes, I realized they were too small to be birds…unless they were hummingbirds.  We have spotted a few hummingbirds over the years near my trumpet vine covering our fence, but I couldn’t imagine that many Hummingbirds in one place.  I plopped myself on the lawn chair and started watching very closely.  After a few minutes I realized that it was a swarm of dragonflies that had descended on my yard.  They were everywhere, I couldn’t believe they weren’t flying into each other.  This lasted about fifteen minutes…it was amazing.  Then the simply flew away.  I don’t know what drew them to my yard.  I don’t have fabulous flowers or fruit trees that I think would attract them. 

I enjoyed the spectacular “Dragonfly Air Dance” while it lasted…it was awesome.


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  1. Yesterday our yard was full of hundreds of hunting dragonflies. And I thought of you and this post! I took photos and video. I will try to share them on my blog when I get around to going through them (I took tons, trying to get a halfway decent shot. It’s hard to photograph things that never hold still !)
    It really was magical and beautiful, just like you said. 🙂

  2. That is so neat! I’m always trying to photograph them but they always hold perfectly still… until I get my camera – then they fly away. It drives me crazy! There are a lot of them in an area a couple of miles from my house where I like to take nature photos, but they are usually so well camouflaged that the photos don’t show them as well as I would like.

    For the first time in years, we’ve had a few in our yard pretty regularly all summer. I think it’s because I put that “tadpole hole” in. I think having a source of standing water nearby has caused me to have a few “regulars”. Which is cool. I like them. It’s fun to watch them hunting while they fly through the air.

  3. Smiling here with happiness for you.

    I have always liked to think that sometimes God likes to share what He’s made – to have us smile and say “Wow, thanks God!”

    Afterall, don’t we like to hear a little applause when we make something? Why shouldn’t He?

    Okay, so I’m a simplistic child sometimes…oh wait, seems like He said that was a good thing…

    Stopping now before lightning strikes me!


  4. I second that…a message from your Mom. I once had a close friend that shared the love of hummingbirds with me. On the day he died, a hummingbird (I lived 3,000 miles away at the time from him), flew directly near my face, froze there for what seemed like hours and then quickly flew away. I knew he had passed away at that moment. And he did. He had sent me this loving message to let me know he had made it to the other side safely. Yes…a message from your Mom. And a big one at that 🙂

    • Deb, That is really a cool thing that happened to you, and that you understood it was from your friend is even cooler. Some people would just say it was a coincedence. It was breathtaking watcing those dragonflies…even though I hate insects. I asked my Hubby why dragonflies? He told me it was because it was something different and unusual that I couldn’t explain away. I think he is right. Thanks Ma!

  5. Oh how cool! Just today, I replenished my hummingbird feeder w/ homemade nectar. Low & behold, they came back speedily, but not in numbers like yours. How fantastic for you!! Speaking of the marvels of nature, we spied a cicada entrapped in a spiderweb & Ms. Charlotte attacking it afterwards. How cool is that! We get some pretty interesting views here at our barn. Keep on sharing, chica. Love your POVs!

    • I think you are right Laurie. The Joe-Man said the same thing. I asked him…why dragon flies? His thought is that dragonflies would make me go outside because we never see them. Couldn’t be something ordinary or I would have ignored it.

  6. You know me and butterflies and their significance in my life. With the severe drought in Texas, it is a rarity to see one. If I see a single, lone one I am estatic nowadays. In your case, I truly believe that you were given your own personal “light show” if you will. There are always moments in life when God sees to it that we are awestruck! He used something so delicate in Nature and yet so powerful in number to get your attention. Remember in Scripture when even the birds of the field are taken care of by their Father and how much more valued are we. And so, my sister, your life is a treasure to be cherished by so many and the other dragonflies that are drawn to it. You shared it with your “little buddy”. So simple — and yet so profound!!

  7. what a wonderful experience; your timing was perfect! I love dragonflies; sometimes they will even land on you — so light on your skin with those amazing stainglass wings.

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