My Play List

For the next PFAM blog carnival, Phylor  has asked for our personal play list that reflect our moods from day to day, or songs that have memories for you, good or bad. So, here goes!!

Childhood:  The whole family loved this show, and we had several of Mitch Miller albums to listen to.  How corny they sound now…but I loved  these songs!

Grammar School: My older sister loved Ricky Nelson…no Elvis in our house.  We watched Ricky on TV and danced to his music in the living room.  I learned to Jitter-Bug to this song.

High School:  Too many songs to pick from, but I finally settled on this one.  My friends and I would drive around and listen to this song singing at the top of our lungs….fun times!

After High School:  In my early twenties, in my 1974 blue Firebird, me and my best girlfriend Laura cruised all over listening to this song, on many weekends.  I hear this song and I am transported back into that car and that fun and innocent time.

DISCO!!!  That’s all I have to say about this!  (Burn Baby Burn!)

Apartment Music of a Single Girl:  Drinking beer and playing the guitar, this is one of my favorites….we sounded pretty good.

Early Married Life:  We would play this so loud that it shook the walls…especially the fabulous drum part!

Babies in the House:  Did we turn down the Music….NO WAY!!

Learning to like my kids music.  Thank goodness they had good taste!

My kid learning to like our music:  They thought they discovered Eric Clapton, The Beatles and The Eagles…HA!

Or middle-aged music:  Not too loud, sometimes mushy, always good.

And now, the next generation of music makers.  My son Dan and his friend Katie.  Dan’s the one with the guitar, and this is a song he wrote.  (Audio is bad I know)  I couldn’t get this link to work for me so you have to just click to view it.


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  1. What a good topic! I’ve never seen it addressed, & believe there’s merit in the idea that HSP can be part and parcel to PTSD. Thinking back-I had highly critical parents – my mother was a mean person, and her name-calling still stings. Even my ears hurt when she was criticizing me. Ever had your own mother tell you you were ugly? Too sensitive?? She, & others I’ve encountered through the years like to insult others, and when they show offense, love to say, ” You’re too sensitive. I was just joking”. In the past, I’ve wished I was more ‘thick-skinned’, but I can see the blessing in it too – I try to be tactful and carful of the feelings of others, apologize when I’m not. Wouldn’t trade it.

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  2. Love the variety of your playlist. I wish I could hear well enough to listen to your son’s band.
    I think it’s wonderful that you have a musical artist in the family!

    So many songs bring back so many memories. Ah, the Eagles. One of the first albums I ever bought.

    thank you for sharing your list with us.

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  4. Great play list! Hubby talks about watching Mitch Miller with his family. We didn’t get a tv until into the 1960s, so my first musical tv memories are Ed Sullivan (the Beatles comes to mind). Glad you included your son in your playlist; I didn’t realize he was a performer! (Of course, you could have mentioned it many times, and I would forget many times, lol)

  5. Great List! I loved the variety!
    Some of them I’d never heard before, but many I have. I like a lot of disco music, which my husband despises. He says I only like it because I wasn’t around to remember how hideous it actually was. hahaha

    I’ve always liked the Lifehouse song, “Hanging by a Moment”. And Clapton, well, what can be said about Clapton – perfection. 🙂 I named quite a few of my dogs over the years, after Clapton songs. And yes, I did have a Layla. 🙂 She was a big beautiful brindle mastiff. I should post a pic of her sometime.

    Your comment about your kids thinking they discovered them, made me think of something funny. One day when my (now 22 yr old) step-daughter was in school, she came home and was talking about this “new” band that she liked so much. Her dad asked who it was, and she was like, “Oh you won’t know them, they’re a new band you wouldn’t know anything about.” And it was GREEN DAY ! LOL I laughed so hard. I was like honey, Green Day is not a new band. 🙂

    Your son is GOOD. Didn’t you say once he was single? (Or is my memory bad?) Seriously? He’s cute, plays guitar and single? How? 😉

  6. Oh, you proud mama! Are you a very musical family? My mother played the organ and piano and would wonder aloud why the music gene skipped her kids.

    The Mitch Miller video brought back memories. My parents were in their early 40s when I was born and these were the songs they enjoyed.

    Thanks for the memories of so many songs I listened to, even Disco!


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