My Rose Bush

I have a rose bush that has bloomed for over thirty years. It produced fragrant, spectacular flowers even when it wasn’t tended to.  Recently all the blooms fell off overnight, leaving nothing but thorns and brown crumpled leaves.  The thorns grew larger and more dangerous everyday, and have left deep cuts on my fingers.  It will take more that a band-aid to help these wounds heal.    It makes me very sad.  It was beautiful rose bush.


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  1. Unfortunately, I understand all too well.
    My “roses” have suffered a lot over the past couple of years, and I’ve lost many of the bushes. Most have just faded away, blooming less each season, some have suddenly turned to thorns, and have cut me deeply. Some I may be lucky to be rid of, they took so much tending and rarely bloomed, but some…can never be replaced.

    Perhaps the roots of your rose bush are strong enough to bloom again some day.


  2. I kinda thought that perhaps the rosebush was a metaphor for something lost. Or, that the rosebush event happened during a parrellel (spelling) emotional experience.
    Sorry about your lost friendship; it’s hard when someone you thought of as a friend is one no longer. There are wounds and scars, to be sure. I hope the scars get smaller with time and that you plant a new rosebush to help take the place of the old. A wild primrose sort of bush that flowers abundantly, and leaves behind wonderful rosehips for various uses.

    • Phylor, You are right, my Dear! The rosebush is indeed a metaphor for a recently lost friendship. This rosebush is not my Mother, as you might guess…her roses will forever bloom in my heart. But, losing this friendship I talk about, has proven to be more painful than I ever could have imagined. You know me well.

  3. I have a rosebush too, for over 45 years, very much the same, it’s faithfulness with returning year after year wan’t any longer dependable, it became weak and dull, but it didn’t leave any deep cuts or scars, but it just didn’t bloom with the same brightness and uniqueness it once had. It’s now fall, and has been cold, it’s leave are sparse, but there it was… a beautiful colorful little rose, telling me there there is hope, strength and a future for my rose, because like my true friend, I never gave up!!

    Great story MO!!! (beh heh heh) ; )

    • Laura. You have no idea what your comment means to me. I have never been much of a gardener, but I do know that if the roots are strong and you give it the rght attention and love, the rose will come back strong and beautiful.

      Thank you my Friend!

  4. I agree with the others. The weather across the U.S. has been unpredictable. Our drought has been the worse in the history of Texas. But Nature has a way of coming back just when darkness falls on everything — kinda like life in general. Even though our eyes concentrate on the thorns right now, the beauty and the wonderful fragrance will be back again in the Spring. There’s always the promise of Hope! (Like running with scissors, Maureen — stay away from the thorns!) Hugs to you!

    • Linny, Thanks for the comment! This little “story” is really about a recently lost friendship. It has been a very painful experience and I just needed towriteabout it. If you re-read it I’m sure you’llpick up onmy emotions. Love, Reenie

  5. This year’s weather has been WEIRD, so don’t fret, dearie. I bet it’ll come back next year. That cold snap earlier this month probably did it. I’ve had my share of thorny cuts. Here’s a kiss to make the boo-boos better. Love ya!

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