Late Night Television

I don’t have cable in my bedroom, so if I can’t sleep I end up watching infomercials or talk shows.  The other night I flipped channels and found some shows that I remember from my childhood.  Old black and white classic shows with old classic themes.  My favorite is “Alfred Hitchcock” and they were having a marathon because it was Halloween.  Of course his movies are some of the best ever made, but I had forgotten about this weekly suspense show.  The plots are simple, the characters are fully developed and the episodes are short…maybe 20 minutes. 

Today’s popular TV shows have several stories going on at the same time.  So many characters to follow that if you don’t watch every week you don’t know who is who, who’s doing who, who’s dead, who’s the bad guy, who’s the good guy.  And, they are all so beautiful.  It is unlikely that the number of cops in any particular town in the USA would be that gorgeous.  Housewives on my block do not wear make up everyday or dress like they are going to a black tie dinner party just to go to the grocery store.  

Alfred Hitchcock knew how to entertain you, scare the wits out of you, and do it with two or three characters.  You didn’t need to watch every week, every show stood on its own….there wasn’t a “to be continued next week” at the end.

Next time you can’t sleep look for these old black and white shows…I guarantee you will enjoy them.  Of course Hitchcock is so scary it might keep you awake longer.  You’ll be listening to every little noise in your dark house wondering who…or what it is.


4 responses

  1. I agree. I used to love the old Alfred Hitchcock shows and the old Twilight Zone shows. TV nowadays is too complicated and we have to watch week after week after week while the plots creep along at a snail’s pace.

  2. You are absolutely correct. Such simplicity, yet depth. I loved all things Hitchcock. I love watching quasi-scary things when I’m not feeling well, those kind of shows hold my attention better. As long as it’s not like Nightmare on Elm Street, I’m good! And, we’re sleeping upstairs lately, so I have no television in that room…it’s been kind of peaceful, but when I’m feeling yucky, I miss having the television to distract me from my discomfort. Oh well. Anyway, I’ll chat with you later gater!!


  3. It’s a shame we have to rely on the holidays to enjoy a show like that. We had one channel showing Scooby-Doo movies each day last month. Another channel would show all the Alien or Halloween movies in a row. Then they would repeat for the next day or two. So, click to the next channel or off went the tv. Very little variety.

    Now I’m starting to sound O-L-D. And C-R-A-N-K-Y.

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