I’ve Given Up Already

I am sorry NaBloPoMo.  I just don’t have it in me.  I followed all the rules last year, made some friends, found some blogs that I follow, but I don’t have it in me this year.  I’m not saying I am giving up on everything.  Maybe I will shoot for a post a week.  That is a reasonable goal for me.  So stay tuned.



9 responses

  1. As you know, I didn’t make it either.
    Thought I could, going into this month I felt better…as the month goes on, not so much.
    oh well.
    I’ll post when I can, read what I can, and comment when i can.
    today was one of those days.

  2. I admire your attempt at commitment, Mo. I knew the pressure would kill me and I would worry about it so I thought long and hard and decided against doing it. I will blog when I can and when I have the time and I am back in the house and things are a little bit normal. Now everything is in disarray (yes still) and when we get to move back to the house things will be in MORE of a mess for a few months. I knew I couldn’t/wouldn’t like the pressure so I decided to blog when I can. Join me in our own “BWWC” month (blog when we can.) No pressure, much love. Laurie F.

    • I’m sorry to hear this, Mo, but it’s more important to do what’s comfortable for you than to try and follow some arbitrary goal. It’s National Blog Posting Month and not National Blog Posting Everyday Month, so as far as I’m concerned, even a posting a week is still being a part of NaBloPoMo.

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