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I never write book reviews, I might recommend a book occasionally to a friend, but that’s it.  Right now I am reading Stolen Life  by Jacee Dugard.  She’s the girl who was kidnapped at age eleven and imprisoned for years by Phillip Garrido.  The story is frightening and unbelievable,  how this young girl survived is a miracle.  But… it is so poorly written that I find it distracting and will go back and reread a sentence to make sure I read it correctly.  I know that Jacee wrote it herself, but it seems that no one proof read it before publishing.  I am reading it on my Kindle, which is another disappointment.  Pictures and copies of her journal written while she was in captivity are impossible to see.  Bummer. I’m halfway through and tempted to put it down for a week or so. 

The last book I read was Room, by Emma Donoghue.  Room was also difficult to read but for a totally different reason.  The book is narrated by five-year old Jack, who is held captive with his “Ma” by Old Nick who kidnapped Ma when she was 17.   Jack and Ma live in a shed in the kidnappers backyard.  Jack was born and is being raised by his Ma in this small shed they simply call “room”.  Jack’s narration, done in his own strange baby talk added just the right amount of creepiness.  The book was excellent, but gave me nightmares.  It ended abruptly leaving me wonder what happened to Jack and his Ma.  

Both of these books…too depressing for me.



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  1. I read all kinds of books but prefer a book in hand rather then through a screen. The dark ones I can only read once in a great while. I use reading to uplift my spirits if I can or to get me thinking and even though I know that sometimes stories need to be told, I can only handle the sad or scary ones for a brief period of time.

    • I agree Deb. After reading on this Kindle I need to read a BOOK! I have read too many depressing books as of late. Besides the two books I spoke of, I recently read a book about a Holocaust survivor, and before that a book written by a adult who was abused as a child. I need a nice love story!

  2. I gave up on “Kindles” or “Nooks” ~ have to have a real book in my hand (I know…wierd) so I can really turn the pages and go back, etc. (which I know you can with the readers, but) – anyhow I think it’s time you read something happy like John Sanford’s or James Patterson’s gory murder mysteries…just sayin’. Love you, Girlfriend!! ❤

  3. I thought I wanted to read the Jacee Dugard book. But then the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be so sad. So I didn’t. I hate missing out on some images on the Kindle. Some things can be magnified and you can see them that way (it took me awhile to figure that out- LOL), but some you cannot. Back when I was getting out more, I would sort of keep a mental note of the books that I’d read (or wanted to read) that I knew had images that wouldn’t show well in my Kindle, and whenever my husband wanted to stop at the bookstore I would look at them then. It gave me something to do while he was in the bookstore looking around. Because the bookstore got kind of boring for me, after I got the Kindle. So when I was there I would look at all the photos, etc. from the books I’d read on my Kindle.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of “Room”, but it doesn’t sound like my kind of read. And I hate it when a book leaves me wondering something. I call those “books with no ending”.

    I’m sorry. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck next time!

    • I didn’t think Jacee’s book was sad…just scary. But interesting that she had some opportunities to escape but didn’t. That’s not unusual for kidnapped/abducted victims though. I need to read something funny to get these images out of my mind!

    • After reading about eight books I think I will probably give up on the Kindle for awhile. It is good for reading in bed however. I read some books on my son’s ipad and got hooked on that, but the Kindle doesn’t even compare quality wise. And I don’t want to pay for an ipad just to read books. Never know what Santa will bring my way!!!

  4. I didn’t think Room was creepy, except for the beginning when I didn’t know what was going on. I thought it was written beautifully and that the author got the tone down for each character quite well. There was character development in an amazing way and the ending was left to your imagination. I won’t read the first book you read but I’m sticking up for ROOM. Laurie

    • Laurie, I thought the writing and the characters were outstanding. I even got an image of Old Nick in my mind…but it was too scary and too real. It happens. And that’s the creepy part. I think I will look for another book to read that Donoghue wrote. She is good.

      • Okay Mo, here is a book club moment contribution for the book, “Stolen Life” since I had also just read it recently. I actually had a deep desire to read this book because I knew it would be different…we both know she didn’t set out to be an author; I do think her writing reflected a life lacking education as she sat in that backyard neglected for most of her life, but it also reflected honesty and it amazed me that she still had beautiful thoughts in spite of her agonizing, horrific circumstances as a prisoner and victim of that sick, demented man and his wife. But, I held the actual book in my hands and I turned the pages to read her journal entries that were so touching, even the little doodling on her pages broke my heart. She was such a child. I cannot imagine myself having to endure that kind of life at her age or having to imagine of one of my children having to live with such unthinkable circumstances. So, I read her book while feeling that if she had the bravery to write it, because she owed none of us any details about her ordeal, that I would be brave enough to read it. And let me tell you, I was nervous about reading it, most definitely. I found it so inspiring because she knew that the power of her captors would be broken by letting go of her shame and silence. Lately, I can relate to this in another form much less difficult than her own situation, but I do have hope for her and can see that she desires to make a difference and that she has the capacity to catch up with all that she lost, at least with her education and a few experiences…I hope she keeps going. Maybe she’ll write another book one day with her knew life more fully recovered, with ample nurturing, more education, and with a finer, more eloquent voice to reflect her life lived out of captivity for a period of time long enough to create major change in her life and that would allow her to be better able to communicate things that she might not even understand yet — I’d be eager to hear the difference in her tone and words. I guess we shall see what is to come. You’ve got to read the book and see the actual journal entries— to me, it was integral to the book.

        I haven’t read the other book, but this sure was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Lana 🙂

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