What’s the Best Gift You Ever Received?

Growing up, we lived in a very small house with too many people for just three bedrooms and one bathroom.  As an adult, I now know how strapped my parents were for money, but my memories only include great Christmas mornings.  We always got the necessities, socks…underwear…pajamas…mittens and scarfs, but one Christmas I received a present that I have never forgotten.   White Go-Go Boots.  I have never been more surprised and excited as I was that day. 


White Go-Go Boots


5 responses

  1. My aunt lived in the states when I was young, and would send presents of things you couldn’t get in Canada yet. (It used to take a while before things showed up in Canada, if at — times have changed since the 1960s.
    One Christmas, Carol send me a “Chatty Cathy” doll that said things when you pulled the string in the back. My parents played with the doll more that day than I did, and my father — in one of his warped humour modes — made up sayings that “Chatty Cathy” would never say! We had so much fun — it was a shame that Carol wasn’t there to see it. She often came up at Christmas. Another year, she gave me a skirt with a poodle on it.
    Carol is gone now (like most of Dad’s family), but I think of them at Christmas, sitting together, and driving each other crazy with warped jokes. I miss that.

  2. If I still had those boots, they might just fit, I have small feet. I remember wearing them into the summer, with shorts. I was ten or eleven…I thought I was super-cool. (of course I was)

  3. I always wanted money. I saved and saved for a bike. I was about 9 or 10 when I finally got one. Looking back I would guess that my parents put up at least half.
    We lived in a 2 bedroom, one bath house and I had no concept of what “wealthy” was until we moved in the 5th grade to a district that included “rich kids”.

    Do the boots still fit?

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