Versatile Blogger Award

My blogger friend Dorky Deb   awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.  In fact she nominated both of my blogs, Mo is blogging  AND Day by Day with the Addison Girl!

As recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award, you must tell 7 things about yourself that your readers might not know.  Then pass the award along to 5 other deserving bloggers.  For me that’s 14 things to list, and 10 fabulous bloggers to pass the award on to.  Whew!

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I am not really a redhead
  2. I am six years older than my Hubby
  3. I am a middle child
  4. I get lost when I’m driving all the time
  5. I kill any plant I bring into my house
  6. I could never do a cart-wheel
  7. I could kick your butt in double-dutch jump rope (well, maybe if I was still 10!)

I pass this award on to some of my favorite bloggers, and they are….

  • A Different Kind of Happy – Ali is a wonderful blogger who talks about her Husband, their life together and her deep faith.  She is uplifting and can find love and happiness with her faith even in her darkest moments.
  • Medical Mohave – This funny Lady’s description of her blog says “I have a constellation of chronic medical conditions and a knack for finding difficult doctors. Between the two, there’s more drama than Grey’s Anatomy.”   She takes you through her daily life as a Mom of her “Toddler” and as a woman who won’t take NO as an answer.
  • Redefining Good – Elisabeth brings you into her life with her struggles working full-time with her health woes.  She seems to always come up with great ideas on how to make her life easier, but this one doesn’t slow down often…and sometimes pays for it!  I always am learning things from her great blog.
  •  The Queen of Optimism – writes about her continued search for a doctor that will listen to her, and her search for a definite diagnosis.  She never holds back, and says it like it is.
  • Hibernationnow – Laurie writes this wonderful blog and talks about her life and family beautifully.  After reading her blog, you will feel as if you know her….she becomes like a good neighbor that you can chat with anytime.  Her style of writing can get you laughing or crying…she is very talented.

If any of the above mentioned bloggers would like to participate, just pick five deserving blogs, tell us seven things about yourself and sit back and relish in your spotlight! 

Thanks again Dorky Deb!  I love your blog too!


2 responses

  1. Kudos to my fave blogger! I’m so glad I already knew most of your true confessions. lol Thanks for reminiscing about double Dutch. I LOVED that as a kid, too! 🙂 Happy blogs to you until we meet again…online! Love you old buddy old pal! ❤

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