Oh Bother

My land line and Internet have been messed up since the 24th.  The internet would sporadically work, but not for long.  AT&T finally got everything fixed today and I am very busy reading all my email.   

We had a very quiet Christmas, I didn’t feel very good, so I was glad for the time to rest.   We also stayed home on New Years Eve and watched all the festivities on television.   God love him…but Dick Clark needs to stay home next year.

Tonight I am trying my new Cuisinart Griddler to make pork chops.  We have a rule in this house that Mom doesn’t get appliances for Christmas presents, but I wanted the griller and a Keurig coffee maker.  All of us got a bad caffeine buzz trying all the different flavors…

We finally got some snow…didn’t even cover the grass, but it is better than nothing.  I love snow.

Belated Happy New Year to all of you.


5 responses

  1. Mo, I hope you are feeling better. I’ve been dragging along myself. Sure wish I could find the solution to feeling strong and energetic every day, like I used to, pre-Addison’s, but I keep plugging along regardless.

    Hope your New Year has had some fun in it!


    • Lana, I wish I could find a solution also. I get so depressed when I think about being like this forever. When you feel sick….you sometimes feel hopeless. I keep telling myself that soon I will wake up and this cold will be gone. Can’t wait.

  2. Happy New Year, Mo! Welcome back to the lifeblood that is the Internet! I actually bought myself a crock-pot. It wasn’t really a holiday gift, but I’ll pretend it was. Enjoy your chops!

  3. A belated all the best in 2012 to you. Our landperson got one of those Keurig coffee makers, and when I drop by, it’s hard to decide which one to try. I can understand why your family is on a caffiene buzz!
    Let us know how the griddler turned out! We had snow early (with leaves still on the trees and lots of damage), but it was unseasonably warm for Christmas and New Years, and, as yet, no real “winter” snow.
    Glad you got the internet things worked out and you are back on line. Once again, wishing you all of the best in 2012 — I really hope it’s a good year for you and your family!

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