IKEA – myalgia

My sister recently took me to Ikea.  I had been to Ikea only once, was in and out with my Hubby, he knew what he wanted, got it and we were gone. 

SIS wanted some pieces for a sewing/quilting desk to replace her make-shift tables she has been using.  Before we left, she jokingly said that we should take the small wheelchair…just in case. 

Most of you have been to this mega-multi leveled, room upon room, too many decisions to make in one lifetime store.  I had no idea.  I was an Ikea virgin.

SIS picked out her stuff with the most helpful staff I have even seen.  (Are they real or are they robots?)  Then we walked around and around and through and over and under and over there too.  Then we ate at the Ikea Cafe!  Food…and a place to sit and rest and drink Diet Pepsi!!  Unbelievably we found MORE to look at and touch and ooh and ahh at.  I am a wanna-be decorator.  I worship Vern Yip and Candice Olson and Carter Oosterhouse and Sabrina Soto. 

Carter Oosterhouse - Handyman/Decorator

We had to leave…they were closing…BUT they have cinnamon rolls on the way out!  This is the most marvelous place I have ever seen!  We had such a good time, we were giddy, we would dream decorator colored dreams for days.

When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t move.  Every muscle, bone and cell  in my body was screaming.  I reached for the phone and called my SIS.  She was paralyzed too.  We think we walked about 700 miles…which explained our pain.  IKEA – myalgia.

Yes, we will go back to that marvelous place, buy we might take the small wheelchair and take turns pushing each other.


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    • And I love the way people go sit in the living rooms like they are at home! I would really love to just walk around and take pictures of the people pretending the rooms are theirs!
      Thanks for visiting Denver Handyman! I’ll check out your blog today!

  1. I’ve only been in Ikea once. And I bought something on-line once. My store wasn’t that big and they didn’t have food!

    There was a time when I could power-shop. But not anymore. I get Shop-algia! So it’s on-line for me, whenever I CAN!

  2. Canada’s largest IKEA opened here a couple of months ago. I would love to see it but would get dizzy, literally, looking at everything.

    Oh, crap! I forgot what I was going to type. My mind just went blank. Which would be another reason to not go there. I would end up staying in the same general area looking at the same stuff. Although, I’m sure I would enjoy it anyways.

    And thanks for the picture of Carter. 🙂


  3. Notice we are not just talking about the designs but of course, the food too…..lingonberries (sp?) yum, comes with the Swedish meatballs. Cinnamon buns……oh the smell. and, more importantly, you are the one and only Mo but with a new photo that I couldn’t recognize you? where is the old Mo and what have you done with her? I’m not good with change….help me. love, Laurie F.

    • Laurie, That icky picture from when I was sick over Christmas…puffy face from taking extra steroids. Here is a new one for you to look at now..well, it really is an old one, probably 1998-99, before I got sick, and big hair was still cool. Do you feel better?

  4. I love Ikea too, and one was openned a few years ago in the shopping mecca of Paramus. If I walk a fair distance, I can get a bus there. Or, I think if I took the train to ritzy ville I could catch a bus there. Last time I went alone, I came back with all kinds of things.
    Hubby will walk through the store, but mostly to look at book shelves, and to go into the small spaced rooms that are set up to be like small homes or apartments. They recently reorganized the store, and we liked the old format better — the new one was less small space rooms, less bedrooms (so we can dream of the ideal). Our mattress and a dresser come from Ikea as did much of our wooden shelving.

    Sorry to hear you had the next day problems — the wheelchair idea sounds good for your next trip there.

    Don’t watch the decorating channels, but when in Canada loved watching “Canada’s Worst Handyman” — it was a hoot.

  5. I love Ikea but haven’t been able to visit one in years…none in Wilmington NC. Drats!!!! And I can’t get that same high online as they have limited amount of things (very limited) that one can buy. Oh well…it sure does save me money in the long run 🙂

  6. I’m glad that you had such a great time! I used to visit one up north regularly when I lived there, just to browse pretty things and daydream-design and ended up exhausted and with sore feet, and that was before RA! I like to flip through their catalogs- hubby isn’t interested in the overall style and their quality is occasionally questionable, but I find the aesthetic charming sometimes!

  7. Ikea-itis! Part of the pain comes from walking on the concrete floors. I know!

    It is like a fairy land. My cupboards and bookcase in my “studio” room are from Ikea. took my husband about 3 years to get them together. The clerk said it would take about 1 hour! I love their tiny little display rooms.

    Now as far as HGTV goes I am addicted too. Carter-yummy- I can look at all day and John is dreamy. I am bummed that the only Design Star program left is Color Splash. Although I think he is a wonderful designer. Oh, my I could go on and on.
    OOOOOOO you had a cinnamon bun (my favorite). Try the yogurt next time

  8. Oh wow I can really relate. I used to over-do and feel it later. Now my disease has progressed to where if I over-do, I literally crash (as in right there on the spot). I haven’t been out shopping in many many months. The last time I tried, I attempted to walk about 20% of Target – if that- and thought I wasn’t going to make it to the car (with my husband holding me up by the arm). I nearly collapsed in the store, short of breath and everything, it sucked. 😦 I love Target, but I wonder if I’ll ever feel like shopping again. Thank goodness for Amazon & other online retailers. That’s how I did Christmas and upcoming kid’s birthdays this year.

    I’m sorry you are paying for it now, but happy you got to go. I’ve never been in an IKEA (there aren’t any in my state) but I have friends who travel to go to them.

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