Worst Cooks in America

Last night I watched The Worst Cooks in America, a first for me.  Two Chefs, a bunch of bumbling wanna-be Chefs and recipes to re-create make for an amusing show.   

The recipes the Chefs demonstrated to the wanna-be Chefs seemed fairly easy to me…and I have admitted that I am a terrible cook.  But, I could have whooped ass with the pancakes, syrup, eggs and bacon that was used for the competition.  

These contestants were hilarious!  They burned, they overcooked, they spilled, they broke and they messed up everything.  I imagine the recipes will get increasingly difficult as the weeks go on,  and I can’t wait to see next weeks recipes.

My confidence in my cooking skills has soared after seeing this show.  I hardly ever undercook anything….in fact I regularly burn things….but butter and paprika can cover a multitude of sins.

This competition is way better than American Idol!


2 responses

  1. …another common interest!!! Love, love this show and I get so tickled when Bobby and Ann have to turn their backs because they are totally losing it. Didn’t you die when the one gal with the glasses was pouring the sauce out of the top because she couldn’t get the lid off…she is hilariois. I’ll think of us giggling together as I watch the next episode. Hugs, Irish

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