Sorry…but I had to delete and delete and delete

Having had two horrible cold/sinus things happening back to back, with a few days off between the two, I haven’t spent much time on the computer.  I’ve tried so many times to catch up on my emails, and jokes and youtube videos, but I just couldn’t do it.  One day my inbox said I had 243 emails!  Some of the oldest posts went back to December 15, and I saw no end to the madness!  Tonight I sat down took a deep breath and deleted everything dated before February 20th. 

I’m starting over with a clean slate, and an empty INBOX. 


9 responses

  1. Mo!!!

    Will you come over here and just hit the “Are you sure?” button for me on my emails?? If I told you the amount in my inbox you would faint.

    Hope that you are feeling AWAP sweetie, and thanks for the vote on my legs btw. lol Even if they were in an xray.

    Gentle Hugs—–<3

  2. One of my email accounts has gotten so out of control, I think I’m thinking of just abandoning it. It’s like that garage that’s so full of stuff you can barely squeeze yourself in between the boxes. How liberating it must be to have cleaned house like this!

    I hope you recover from the sinus thing soon.

  3. Wow I can only dream of an empty inbox, or only 243 for that matter. I am always woefully behind on email. And well, pretty much everything else these days. LOL
    I am sorry you’ve been sick. It seems like there is a lot of stuff (germs) going around all over the country right now. I hope you feel much better soon!!!

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