My Favorite Flower

When my Mom moved from out childhood home, we took some bulbs from the back yard with hopes of transplanting them.  My Mom loved these flowers she called “Naked Ladies”,  and to tell you the truth, I had never seen them anywhere else but in her yard.  Every year she would call me on the day they “appeared” so excited that they just popped up during the night. 

In spring the long leaves come up with the tulips, iris and daffodils.  Every year I have to remind The Joe-Man not to cut them down when the other flowers go brown.  It is a long wait, but in August one day they appear…beautiful and fragrant as ever.  The bulbs that were transplanted to my yard have tripled and quadrupled and it looks like I would need to split them again in the fall. 

I can’t call my Mom and tell her that the leaves have come up, and I won’t be able to tell her when the “Naked Ladies” appear overnight. 

Last year I took an armful of them and placed them on her grave…I know she loved them.  I can’t wait until they show up this year.  I will again share them with her.


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  1. When my mother moved in with me she brought these lilies with her. Only she calls them “Surprise Lilies,” because you never know when they will come up.

  2. What a lovely memory AND lovely flowers!

    I too just adore how flowers or plants, especially my ferns (because I got them from my mom and dad’s) grow. It does look like it happens almost over night! Nature is amazing!


  3. What a cooincidence! My mother had the naked lady bulbs too. She loved them, mainly because of their name. I have a few left from what she gave me. I’ve shared them with my brothers and sister. I do have trouble getting out to take care of them, but in memory of mom, they’re one plant I do try to keep alive. Now I’ll think of you and your mom every time I see the lovely naked lady flower. By the way, mine are red. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. Oh my gosh – naked ladies! When we moved into our house before this the previous owners had planted them. I didn’t know what they were – coming up with only flowers and no leaves. I thought something was wrong with the plant and pulled them all up!
    I love them even more now that I know that they are NAKED ON PURPOSE!

    Your Mom knew beauty when she saw it. What a wonderful and beautiful reminder of your Mother.

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