I had to run some errands today and stopped at a resale shop I used to frequent years ago.  Nice and cool inside there, so I lingered for a while.  I found a large print for my dining room that I am decorating very slowly.  $19.00!!! Couldn’t pass it up.  Started talking to the shop owner…and she offered me a job!  Of course I would love to work there, but I told her I would last about two hours before I would have to take a nap.  Started talking about health issues and she mentioned she has Crohn’s Disease and how it affects her life.  When I told her I have Crohn’s also, her face lit up she got very excited.  She apologized but told me she doesn’t know anyone that deals with this disease, and how her family just doesn’t get it!  I told her she needs to get online…..she will find lots of support.  Nice Lady.  I rarely go out alone and my solo trip turned out to be fun…we had a “nice visit”, as my Mom would say!

Funny??? I think so,


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  1. It’s nice when you have support/find others with similar health issues in the cyberverse and the real world, too. Finding folks on line is really great because you can connect with people you share experiences with but geographic locations mean your paths will never cross.
    Meetings like the one you describe above are great, too. Sometimes serendipty and/or fate is at work, even in the smallest gestures, or the chanciest of meetings/finding someone or a community of someones on line.

  2. what a wonderful “visit”. To meet someone who needed to meet you. This story made me feel so good.
    Perhaps you can “visit” again sometime. I recently found…on line first…a lady who lives near me who has Meniere’s and Crohn’s. She such a nice person, we have become great friends. We still haven’t met in person, each of been having issues, but I know we will, and I know it will be like we’ve know each other for ever. We already feel like that in many ways.
    It’s great to have someone you can really talk to about things, who get it….and it means a lot to me to know she’s in my area. We can compare if the weather is triggering things, our doctor visits (she goes to the same group I do, but not my specific doctor)

    We haven’t met yet, but I know when we do it will be just like how we talk on line…and the many emails. We can’t hear well enough to talk on the phone…but this friendship has meant a lot to me.
    It really means a lot when you meet someone who understands. (Her meniere’s is as bad as mine, and although I don’t have Crohn’s I do have a lot of GI issues, so I can relate somewhat. Especially with having to have a restricted diet.

    a great day
    hope you have many more.

    ps, I thought this comment went though before, but I’m not sure…it was still on the comment block, so if you get it twice, please just delete one. They are a little different, just pick which one you like best.

  3. I like that sign 🙂 Gave me a good chuckle. And it never ceases to amaze me how so many people have silent autoimmune illnesses and it is only when we bring up our own that we truly discover just how prevalent they really are.

  4. That’s great! I miss seeing people. I’m pretty much homebound now. I agree about finding people that understand online. I’m a member of a couple of MG support groups that I’ve found to be really helpful. Sometimes just being “in the company” of people who “get it”, is support enough.

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