Memories, Laughs and Goodbye

Today was a sad day…I had to say goodbye to a friend that means a great deal to me.  My dear Friend Cheryl is moving to Florida next week and today we tried to pretend that all will be well with her leaving. 

We rarely see each other, she lives about an hours drive away, but I always knew she was nearby.  I knew if I needed her she would be there as quickly as humanly possible. 

When my Mom passed away she brought enough food to feed an army…and stayed with me the whole evening.  She told me when to eat, she told me when to sit and rest…she took care of me. 

We met in the early 70’s, and lived in the same apartment building for years.  She was a single Mom, we had completely different lifestyles, but we were close and always there for each other.  Twenty five years ago, give or take, she was in a serious car wreck.  She almost died.  Well, she really did die, but she came back.  She was in the hospital for months, I was pregnant, but I can remember sitting and watching her and willing her to get well.   She did.

She is moving on, going to Florida to be with her son, grandson and the rest of her family.  I will miss her…so much.  And, I think I will need to get over my fear of flying.    See ya later my little Greek girlfriend!  My Little Cheryl!

Efxarysto.  Sagapo.  Reenie


5 responses

  1. Mo, today with all the electronic devices we can be in touch with loved ones at a moments notice. That makes it nice when loved ones move far away, or what seems like so far away!

    Conquer your fear of flying and get on down to Florida, it will make a great vacation spot! You and your friend will have a blast!


  2. what a wonderful friend, there is no way you will not still be friends even though she will be hours away. I can tell the phone lines will often be tied up.
    I too was afraid of flying, and still every time I get on a plane and it starts to take off, I have this fear…but I overcame it, and I know I’m not stronger than you are! You can do it! I believe in you.
    I hope the two of you get to see each other more than you think.
    until then, you have the phone, email, chat…keep in touch, do not let this special friendship wither because of the miles between you.


  3. So sorry — it’s hard when friends move away. But real friendship — which you obvisously have with Cheryl — can withstand distance. Happy future flight to florida.

  4. I can’t even pretend to you, my twin, to say false cheerful things. I too, am sad for you and for little Cheryl. It’s heartbreaking and I know how you feel. Thank goodness for the telephone and if you need me too, I will personally ASSIST YOU ON THE PLANE to visit her. You must work on your fear of flying even if it involves drugs and alcohol. I am here to chat if you ever want to call. I am not little Cheryl but I am your twin, a phone call or email away, available ANYTIME. love, Laurie Twin

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