Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

This is a repost from 2009, it is the second post I wrote.  I repost it every year.  After all the sadness and horror we have seen in the past few days, I thought a nice happy story was needed, if only to make you smile for a moment.

**I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and I can hear Santa Claus in the distance getting nearer and nearer.  Today is the annual “Santa on the Fire truck Day” in town.  Oh, I can remember how Bill and Dan would wait for the small parade to get to our street, and as they got closer the sirens would get louder and louder.  Their excitement was contagious and I stood in the window with them waiting and waiting……until there he was!  On top of the fire truck with a few elves that were handing out candy canes to those who were lucky to get outside fast enough.  So, now I sit here on the couch by myself waiting for Santa to get to our street.  But my excitement and anticipation is not about seeing Santa on top of the fire truck.  Nope!  Those little boys are not standing near the street waiting for their candy canes anymore.  But, one of those little boys is driving the big red fire truck taking Santa around town.  Nothing is cooler than seeing your little boy grow up and drive that big red firetruck… awesome!  And how awesome for my son!




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