Dear Abby,

What would us Gals have done without “Dear Abby”.  She talked about things that we would never ask our Mothers.

What do you do about a cheating husband?  (No matter if you were single….you still needed to know what to do)

What about the neighbor that lets his dog poop on your lawn? (Put the poop in a paper bag, put it on the owner’s porch)

What do you say to the nosy lady who listens to your phone calls on the party line?  (If you don’t know what a party line is, then you probably don’t know who Dear Abby is)

What can I do about my Husband’s Uncle George that gets drunk at every family get together and grabs your ass?  (Put water in the vodka bottle at the next party)

And so on, and so on.  We learned everything we needed to know from Dear Abby.




7 responses

  1. Hi Mo,

    I came over to see what you’ve been writing about, and how you are doing, but I see you haven’t written on here in since Jan. I hope you are okay.

    I like the idea of you guys starting a column. Dear Twins sounds pretty cool too.

    I was too young to write to Dear Abby, but my grandma usually read the letters to me. She may have left some out. I never liked newspapers, b/c the print made me dizzy and still does. I loved Dear Abby though. I also love your answers you gave as examples!

    I haven’t been writing much lately either, and that’s because I’m not feeling well enough. Stress has been high and so has pain, but the latter has eased up a little. Well, maybe a lot or I wouldn’t be writing to you. I haven’t even visited FB. I sure hope to get back to blogging and communicating again soon.

    I miss you Mo, and Laurie too. Maybe you guys are working on your site?

    Please take good care of yourself and know that I think of you.

    Wonder what ‘Abby’ would do about all the stress in this modern world, or about such severe fatigue, and you know, maybe I just grew up, but I sure wish life was more like it was when she was writing. Some of the things my grandma used to tell me would happen one day, “at the end of time,” she said, has happened, but that’s another subject.

    Sending you virtual hugs and from my heart, love.
    Your friend,

  2. Dear Twin, this is scary. because I inquired after the death of Dear Abby who the new Dear Abby would be. I thought I was a suitable choice. However, the original Dear Abby retired a LONG time ago and her daughter has been writing the column for years. I think you and I should start a column together. Questions, anyone? The name of our site could be: Dear Twins, I LIKE it.

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